School cross-body bags: whether they harm the child

School cross-body bags: whether they harm the child

School cross-body bags can do irreparable harm to health the fact that distort a bearing and have negative effect on brain blood circulation. The optimum weight of such burden according to scientists should not exceed 1.5 kg, but in the conditions of the modern educational program such weight is made only by accessories of the pupil of 1 class.

Most of adults understands that the satchel or a backpack is much more preferable to carrying school supplies, than a cross-body bag. They allow to distribute evenly load of both shoulders and a back. Besides the satchel is often supplied with tough orthopedic laying in the field of the wall adjacent to a back. However the opinion of parents, as a rule, is a little significant for teenagers. They very much want that the bag was, first of all, beautiful and fashionable.

Opinion of scientists on harm of a cross-body bag

During scientific research the scientists came to a conclusion that carrying weights on one shoulder should not exceed 1.5 kg. This norm concerns not only the school student, but also the adult whose skeleton and a bearing were already created. It is necessary to tell that even the SanPiN despite of opinion of scientists, determined such weight only for pupils of 1-2 classes without the portfolio which even for first graders weighs 700–850 gr. Means, parents should approach the choice of a school bag more responsibly.

In case of acquisition of a bag which is carried on one shoulder it is necessary to consider scientific arguments. The belt puts pressure upon a trapezoid muscle which directly approaches a skull base and on the cervicobrachial nervous terminations connected with a brain. As a result through some time, there are temporal and occipital headaches, dizziness that not always connect with an inconvenient bag. Like, from excessive intellectual loadings in school. The situation will not be better even if to stretch a belt on diagonal, having thrown it through the head on the next shoulder. From constant carrying a cross-body bag the bearing is distorted. Most often it is shown in deformation of a shoulder joint (one shoulder is lower than another). Depending on weight there can be problems with cervical department of a backbone and chest. Blood circulation which can easily be broken even from simple crossclamping of blood vessels on a shoulder depends on it. They in a shoulder and a forearm are located very close to the surface of skin. It is no wonder that even at small load of a shoulder it is possible to observe on a body crimson strips – bruises.

We make a compromise

You should not press on the child or to buy without his consent a school bag on the discretion. It will only cause reciprocal opposition and unwillingness to go to school. It is better to try to give convincing arguments about negative influence of a cross-body bag on the further state of health and to agree that the choice of color and the drawing by all means will remain a prerogative of the pupil. If nevertheless it was not succeeded to convince the child to get a satchel, then it is necessary to choose a cross-body bag with a wide belt (5 cm) of the optimum length corresponding to growth of the school student. The bag should not dangle in a knee or beat the child when walking a torso. It not in the best way will affect also gait. At sufficiency of means it is possible to get in addition to such bag also an inexpensive soft backpack which too today in honor at youth. The main thing that straps were not too thin. Though it has also no all advantages of a rigid satchel, but at skillful warehousing of textbooks it will be much more convenient. Combining these two bags, it is possible to keep health of the child. And over time, it appears, he will understand, what is more correct and more comfortable. Of course, and the backpack if desired can be put on one shoulder. It is important to remind not importunately the child that you should not arrive as do "everything" in his class...

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team