School for parents: waiting for the second child

School for parents: waiting for the second child

The birth of the child brings happiness to the house, fills with sense the woman's life. She becomes a mom, on it responsibility lies, it is necessary to give much to get that happiness which brings joy of motherhood. The first child opens gate to absolutely other world and without having managed to look round and understand as all this "works", the woman already expects the second child on light.

The fear, confusion, feeling of helplessness replace with the joy of expectation of the new family member. In the head of future mom of a set of questions. How to cope? How will learn to operate the time, to distribute affairs that she dropped down for two children? When the age difference at children such insignificant, attention and love is required to them equally much. You should not be frightened. The nature created the woman extraordinary strong and if sends it tests, undoubtedly, she will cope with them.

For a start it is necessary to be prepared morally. The first serious test for mom who is getting ready for childbirth is maternity hospital, separation from the senior child for several days, before the kid hardly had to leave mom. As the best assistant in this situation dad acts. It is necessary to try even during pregnancy as it is possible to bring together the kid with the father better. It can be joint walks (without mom), games, laying for the night. The child has to feel identical participation of both parents. So, for lack of one of them he will feel safe.

The second what mothers face - it is acquaintance of the senior kid to younger. Here you should not underestimate children, being still a one-year-old child, apparently, he will not notice enthusiasm for the new family member, by no means it not so. There is a children's jealousy which it is very simple at the correct approach to turn into love and tenderness. Give to the kid more opportunities to get acquainted with the newborn, show as both of them are expensive and important. Involve the kid on care for the newborn, bathing, entertainment youngest, let he will feel starshenky, necessary, and, above all, not less favourite, than before. Over time the child adapts to a new situation. Will be able to fall in love and accept the younger brother or the sister. And will not even present itself without it.

At the correct education from the first days of life of the child, parents will receive family of which they always dreamed all the life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team