School of a fitball for pregnant women

School of a fitball for pregnant women

Practically all future mothers are disturbed by a question of safety of sports activities during incubation of the child. The answer in this case seems obvious as the moderate activity during pregnancy only positively influences pre-natal development.

Each exercise on a ball has to be stipulated with the observing doctor the obstetrician-gynecologist who is informed on history of diseases and all analyses of each individual patient.

Undoubtedly, it is desirable that sports activities took place not only at pregnancy as allow to avoid extensions, to relax muscles and to keep all organism in a tone. Classes with a fitball (special fitness ball) can be postponed from fitness studios to house conditions, having bought this useful ball in any specialized shops. For the pregnant woman as for a long time it is proved, certain sets of exercises are just rescue.

It is obvious that the last three months of incubation of the kid are given to each woman not easy, in view of a set of weight, a pot-belly, load of a backbone and hypostases of hands and legs. In such situation the gymnastic ball is a comfortable and convenient way out.

There is a number of the main exercises on such special adaptation which prepare for childbirth and restore after them. Exercises for maintenance of a back at which it is necessary to make a start accurately from a wall, to lay down on a ball a back and to get hands for the head, it is better to carry out in the presence of somebody as they are quite difficult.

In order to avoid hypostases, it is recommended to lie down on a floor, hands on the parties, to place legs on a ball and to roll it, without tearing off the head and hands. Strengthening of a pelvic bottom is promoted by occupation at which the pregnant woman sits down on a ball, moves apart rather widely legs, puts hands on knees and does inclinations forward, on a breath becoming straight. Gaps loading at which, sitting on a fitball, knees get divorced will help to warn, the case not strongly rocks, and then it is necessary to try to press a sphere down not sharply, after a small break it is necessary to squeeze it legs. Loadings such promote an excellent training of hips and inguinal muscles.

Many modern future mothers are engaged with remote work at the computer of the house and sitting on a flat surface of a chair is given by time very hard, but also this wonderful ball will help here, considerably facilitating work process.

By relaxation of group of muscles there pass back and elbows pains due to good blood circulation, besides there is an opportunity to combine it with viewing favourite movies. As the main award the good mood, well and the tightened figure serves all made efforts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team