School uneasiness: causes and ways of overcoming

School uneasiness: causes and ways of overcoming

At schools for the solution of psychological problems of pupils there is a special position of the regular psychologist who is called not only to resolve the conflicts, but also to remove the causes of uneasiness of the teenager.

School uneasiness quite widespread phenomenon. This state at which the school student cannot focus on performance of certain tasks, work at a lesson or on additional classes. Pupils increase requirements to themselves, underestimate a self-assessment, see in all events only the worst.

Reasons of school uneasiness

  • Bad relations of the school student with schoolmates.
  • Relationship of the pupil with the teacher.
  • The underestimated self-assessment.
  • Self-criticism of the school student.
  • Impossibility to focus on test work, and fear to answer at a board.

The condition of uneasiness which accompanies the teenager in the course of his training can provoke other psychological problems. Psychologists established that situations of a constant stress and pressure from parents, schools, schoolmates, can cause various diseases. For the school student the depression which will cause also other mental disorders can become a big problem.

The overestimated requirements to the child contribute to the development of uneasiness. In this case the school student cannot fulfill all necessary educational requirements. The child is lost, worries, cannot focus on tasks.

Inconsistent requirements of the teacher, contradiction in the relations between teachers and parents can become the reasons of uneasiness of the school student. If the teacher shows authoritarianism in the requirements to school students, then ceases to consider specific features of children. In that case uneasiness of school students amplifies even more.

Symptoms of school uneasiness

School uneasiness is not shown suddenly. Gradual formation is peculiar to it, and as a result there is a decrease in educational activity of the child. The disturbing condition of school students can be determined by some signs:

  • The children who long enough were at home due to illness do not want to go to school. It is a lot of subjects which are passed by school students, cause in them difficulties. The inability to independently learn material leads to the fact that children are afraid to answer at a lesson or to ask questions.
  • The disturbing condition of the child does not give it the chance to pay attention to new books or movies. He several times reconsiders cinema or re-reads the book, being afraid to miss and not to remember any trifles.
  • The children who are in a constant condition of alarm and expectation something the worst try to distance the moment of writing of an examination. At this time they bring order in the workplace, display textbooks in alphabetical order, remove handles and other school supplies.
  • School students begin to be tired quickly, distract and cannot adjust to new methods of work.

Ways of overcoming school uneasiness

Children's uneasiness needs to be overcome. Otherwise, the child will constantly be in a condition of a stress, depression that will immediately affect his health. First of all it is necessary to reveal all specific features of the child correctly to build training process. It is impossible to compare one school student to other children. It is necessary to make for him an individual route of development. The teacher has to create at a lesson success situation for each pupil, try to reveal his abilities, positive traits of character. It will help the child to feel significant in a class and at a lesson.

It is not necessary to state the offensive words humiliating his advantage, reducing a self-assessment to the child. Children are very sensitive to words and actions from the senior generation therefore it is necessary to watch the acts. They should not add to the child of nervousness and concern.

The lesson has to be constructed so that the child felt freely and relaxedly. It is necessary to give it the chance to be proved, express the opinion. The teacher has to support initiatives of the child, give him the chance to show an initiative.

School uneasiness is dangerous to children therefore the teacher, the school psychologist have to be attentive to words and actions of children, to help them to get rid of sensation of fear and alarm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team