Secrets of education of the successful child

Secrets of education of the successful child

The successful personality is formed since the birth. To bring up the successful child – does not mean to load him the various developing courses and by that to deprive of the happy childhood. The main motivation is hidden in the correct behavior of parents. There are several councils how to bring up the child successful

Correctly build phrases

The best motivation is a verbal support of parents. Do not point directly to the child mistakes, allow the child to find them, it develops introspection. For example: "How you think, you made/solved everything correctly?", "Let's play a game who will quicker find mistakes", etc.

Always explain several options of succession of events. For example, in a competition do not tell "The main thing not a victory, but participation!", it deprives of the child of an opportunity to believe in successful result. Explain that the victory is a highest award, but also loss – not chagrin, but the second chance to prove further.

The praise, as well as criticism has to be concretizing. Not general phrases: "You well done!", and "This (you specify specifically that) at you well turned out, and here over it it is necessary to work still". 

Give to the child freedom to experiment

Often parents are afraid of the spoiled furniture, time for nothing spent, etc. Therefore use restrictions and the bans: it is impossible to draw on walls, it is impossible to play about the test and much others "are impossible".

Allow the child to express yourself. Wants to draw on walls - organize a wall corner where these can be engaged. Wants to form the dough - make together dough for a molding. Wants to help you with cleaning - give those instructions which the child is able to execute.

Do not tear off children's hobbies for the doubts: "Why to you this drum? You are not able to play!". Share enthusiasm from knowledge something new better. The more often you will interact with the child, the bonds of friendship between you will be tied more densely. 

Change roles

Do not live in the constant mode: "I am an adult, you are a child". Allow the child though sometimes to stay you. Arrange once a week Day of self-government when the child undertakes adult duties and decisions. It is excellent preparation for adulthood.

At the same time explain different models of adult behavior that Day of self-government did not become Day of chaos and children's absolute power.

Accept the child such as is

The love of parents should not depend on personal qualities of the child. You love and accept the children any - with all whims, mistakes, problems.

Remember that each children's act or opinion have the right for existence. Your task is to be the observer, the friend and the wise adviser, the child will develop the rest. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team