Set of exercises on a fitball for pregnant women

Set of exercises on a fitball for pregnant women

 To watch the food, to avoid physical and emotional activities, to have a rest and think more of pleasant — such councils are daily heard literally by each pregnant woman. However, insignificant physical activities nevertheless are necessary. It is possible to refer exercises on a gymnastic ball to such loadings, known as fitball. Let's consider in more detail than feature of such fitness for pregnant women and we will tell about complexes of the occupations developed for each trimester of pregnancy.

The fitball is a special big ball for fitness trainings. Practically all can be engaged on it. The initial reason of its creation — search of optimal variants of gymnastics for pregnant women. As a result also sets of exercises on a big gymnastic ball were developed.

Whether you know? It is sports equipment call also gymnastic, orthopedic, a fitness ball and also a stress reliever ball.

Gymnastics with a fitball — an advantage source for the woman's organism in situation.

  • to strengthening of nervous system, stress relief and full relaxation of an organism;
  • to decrease in blocking of muscles;
  • to improvement of a metabolism;
  • to stabilization of a backbone and also decrease in load of it;
  • to improvement of a blood-groove (that is useful for fruit food, interferes zastoyam with blue blood, and respectively, to formation of hemorrhoids) and also works of heart, vessels, internals, a respiratory system;
  • to strengthening and tonization of muscles of a stomach, waist, back, breast, legs;
  • to removal of pains in a back that is especially relevant for pregnant women;
  • to improvement of a bearing;
  • just before childbirth the orthopedic ball promotes disclosure of a neck of the uterus and simplification of patrimonial pains;
  • fluctuations and vibrations of a ball favorably influence on the robot of intestines, stomach, adrenal glands.

Learn how to be engaged at pregnancy in different types of exercises: kallanetiky, respiratory gymnastics, water aerobics, shaping, Kegel's exercises.

The list of contraindications from occupations on an orthopedic ball much less the list of pluses, but nevertheless risks are available. Exercises on a fitball are contraindicated at such pathologies:

  • presence of risk of termination of pregnancy or premature birth (especially careful women have to be in the 1st and 3rd trimesters);
  • the raised uterus tone;
  • wrong arrangement of a fruit;
  • serious back illness;
  • istmiko-cervical insufficiency;
  • if future mother suffers from renal diseases, has pneumonia or heart disease.

Whether you know? The homeland of a fitball is Italy and Switzerland. Exactly there approximately in the second half of the XX century there was a stress reliever ball which quickly won the hearts of both doctors, and their patients.

  1. The best place for acquisition of a fitball are specialized sports shops, in order to avoid acquisition of low-quality products. In the markets can offer a fake which can burst during the occupations, and it is fraught with a possibility of traumatizing the woman.
  2. Give preference to a strong ball with a smooth surface on which seams are almost not noticeable.
  3. The ball surely has to go complete with the pump. The fact is that in the course of the occupations the fitball can go down a little, and the pump is necessary to inflate it again.
  4. Be guided by models which are capable to sustain weight from 150 kg (optimum — 300–500 kg) as your husband can reveal desire to keep you the company.
  5. Be not tempted with the low price of stock. Cheap balls, as a rule, have poor quality. First, they can burst, and the term of their service is small. And, secondly, cheap rubber which is used for their production often has a pungent poisonous smell.
  6. Diameter of a ball can be the 45-75th. Its size needs to be chosen it is dependent on growth of the woman. If it makes less than 152 cm, buy a sphere with a diameter of 45 cm. With a height of 152-156 cm optimum diameter — 55 cm. Diameter of 65 cm will be suitable for women of 165-173 cm in height. And for those who are higher than 173 cm doctors recommend diameter of 75 cm. These parameters can fluctuate, everything depends on that, the woman on such stock will feel how comfortably.

It is important! To be convinced of correctness of the size of a fitball, sit down on it and bend legs so that the corner made 90 °. If your feet freely were located on a floor - it is your size.

The set of exercises with a fitball has the features in each trimester of pregnancy. The general rule unites occupations: small charging (warm-up) has to precede each training. It is important for a warming up of muscles and preparation of an organism let and to insignificant, but to loadings.

Let's consider in more detail than feature of exercises for every period of incubation of the child and technology of their performance.

Surely agree on the decision to be engaged on a fitball with the attending physician. In the first period of expectation of the baby it is important not to overload an organism and not to forget about rest. Such enter a complex of occupations for this stage:

  1. Sit down on a ball and you twist a basin around in different directions, about 10 times in one and 10 times in other party.
  2. Having sat down on a floor in Turkish, extend hands over the head up, having arranged on them a fitball. Try to make circular motions a trunk clockwise, then — in other party. The main rule of this exercise — ideally equal bearing.
  3. Sitting on a floor, clamp a fitball between legs and do the following movements: serially squeeze and unclench a sphere legs (about 20 times).
  4. If the stomach is not increased yet, try to lie down on stock, having planted the feet against a floor, and slowly sweep on it from a stomach bottom to a breast and vice versa.
  5. In a position sitting bend in different directions. At the same time you remember that the back has to be ideally equal, legs are placed at shoulder length, and hands are taken away in different directions. It is necessary to bend only during an exhalation. One approach includes 10 inclinations (2 approaches are recommended).

Important! You watch time of trainings, it should not exceed in the first trimester of 10-15 minutes. Optimum time — 8 minutes. Observe slowness and smoothness of movements. Jumps and extensions are strictly forbidden.

The best time for trainings is the 12-14th week. During this period the condition of the woman is normalized and toxicosis attacks decrease. Each movement is recommended to make about 10 times, 2–3 approaches. Exercises during this period are aimed at a training of muscles.

  1. In a position sitting on a ball put hands to yourself on shoulders and in turn level them before yourself. At the same time you have to move ahead a little bit with a fitball. The main rule — ideally equal back.
  2. Exercise a deflection back is done too sitting on a ball. It is in that, having taken away hands, as much as possible to cramp shovels, having a little caved in back.
  3. The set of exercises of this period includes turns. They are done sitting on heels. The stock needs to be held in outstretched arms. Turn a thorax to the left (on a breath), making the same manipulations with a fitball in hands. After return to an initial position (on an exhalation) turn to the right.
  4. Lie down on a floor, and the legs bent in knees embrace the capricious exercise machine. After that incline legs to the right and to the left, but at a small angle that stomach muscles did not strain. In a similar position it is possible to do one more exercise: here legs need to be inclined in turn and to back place them on stock.
  5. Having sat down on a sphere, part legs, and hands lean on the stock. Try to bend as much as possible to the left, then to the right. At the same time it is necessary to balance with legs and hands to keep balance.

Important! For this stage of pregnancy exercises on a stomach are contraindicated, and those which are followed by big loads of a back.

During the last period of pregnancy you watch closely the health and listen to organism signals. It is impossible to be overloaded, better to do there are less exercises, but to carry out them regularly.

  1. Lie down sideways, having arranged the head on a hand. One leg — is bent in a knee, put another on a stress reliever ball. Roll a leg stock to area of a crotch, at the same time bending a leg.
  2. Sit down on a sphere and try to breathe as a dog, superficially.
  3. Having taken a convenient position, sitting on a fitball, alternate reduction and relaxation of vaginal muscles.
  4. Standing ideally exactly, arrange one leg on a sphere and easily move a leg with a ball around. Then do the same other leg. If it is heavy to you to keep balance, you can hold hands a support.
  5. Pick up a sphere and lift over the head, then take away hands with a sphere a little back, at the same time in turn putting aside back the right, left leg.
  6. Do exercise under the name rolling with a support on a wall. The ball needs to be clamped between a back and a wall and to fall slowly down (rolling at the same time a fitball) until legs are bent in knees at an angle 90 °. Then rise back.

Important! In the presence of the slightest ukhudshenya of health immediately see the doctor.

  1. It is recommended to hold trainings in the special center under the leadership of experienced experts.
  2. If you decided to be engaged at home, then for this purpose choose the most spacious room, move away them it the sharp and cutting objects which can puncture a sphere.
  3. Beginners are recommended to impose a sphere at the basis with towels to avoid falling in case of balance loss.
  4. It is important that breath during the occupations and balancing on a ball was moderate.
  5. You watch that your stock did not overheat that it did not lie close to heaters or in the open sun.
  6. If your health worsened (temperature rose, the head is turned, the stomach hurts, nausea developed), is strictly forbidden to be engaged.
  7. It is impossible to overload an organism: occupations have to be moderate.
  8. It is important to watch the frequency of heartbeat and pulse.
  9. It is recommended to hold a training since morning or in the evening, before going to bed.
  10. In the 1st and 3rd trimesters duration of trainings can be 10–15 minutes, in the second — up to 30 minutes.
  11. If you were engaged in a fitball before pregnancy, then forget those exercises that you did. To the woman in situation it is strictly forbidden to carry out difficult gymnastic exercises — only the recommended complex of occupations.

Examine the recommended exercises for pregnant women: in the second trimester, in the third trimester.

So, it is possible to call a fitball optimum fitness stock for pregnant women. Occupations on it will help to be prepared correctly for childbirth and to train groups of muscles which will be involved in maternity process. The main rule of such trainings is to coordinate strictly them with the doctor and to pick up the correct set of exercises provided that pregnancy proceeds without problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team