Several councils for the choice of foundation for dry type of skin

Several councils for the choice of foundation for dry type of skin

selection of any cosmetic products it is important to be guided by skin type. This rule works also for foundation. Such means has to suit the woman on texture, shade, density and if skin dry, cream does not emphasize and enhance dryness of skin.

Foundation for dry skin has to be nutritious. It is important that this cosmetic product possessed the moistening action, but did not strengthen peeling. Ideally it is necessary to find cream with the content of oils which will save skin from effect of tightness. When choosing tone means for dry type of skin it is worth paying attention to cosmetics with water-helium basis. VV-creams popular today belong to this category. They not only level skin shade, but also moisten it, look after, hiding the smallest shortcomings.

When choosing foundation you remember that it is desirable to apply it to dry skin finely porous sponge. It is the best of all if the sponge is damp, so the tone will naturally look.

Also foundation with the content of hyaluronic acid will optimum be suitable for dry skin. This intensively moisturizing component will promote moisture deduction. Therefore skin will look elastic.

If skin not only dry, but also sensitive, it is necessary to look for tone means with the most natural structure. Cream has to contain vitamins – A and E which in addition feed epidermis. In structure there should not be hazardous substances – lanolin, octyl palmitate, butyl stearate. Availability of extracts of herbs – camomiles, by aloe belief, microelements is welcomed. Good moistening will be presented by such ingredients of cosmetics – mineral and thermal water. Dry skin is inclined to early aging, small wrinkles, the expressed small time will be its signs. Therefore it is important to buy for make-up foundation with light texture. It will be easily distributed on skin, without hammering time and without doing more expressed wrinkles. The beautiful tone will provide use of foundation for the person with special optical particles. They do dry skin shining therefore it looks humidified. As a rule, the small maintenance of the painting pigments is characteristic of the tone means intended for dry skin. Therefore when performing make-up this moment should be considered.

That the layer of foundation was thin, means did not accumulate in wrinkles, nasolabial folds, on dry skin it is necessary to shade weight carefully. It is necessary to apply cream in the direction from chin to forehead.

Quality foundation for dry skin not always costs much. But upon purchase surely pay attention to reviews of product, the brand. For winter it is worth buying special foundation with the looking after, protective components. It will help to save gentle skin from wind and frost. For flying choose cosmetics with protection against ultraviolet, it will allow to avoid peresushivaniye, moisture loss. Upon purchase of foundation for dry skin it is necessary to follow also the general rules. So, it is better to give preference to means in bottle from glass with the doser. Cream will spend more economically, without contacting to the environment. Microbes will not get to it that will provide long service life of cosmetics. The product needs to be used only till the expiry date.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team