Several ways of schooling of the child to a pot

Several ways of schooling of the child to a pot

Somewhere after 6-7 months when the kid strong and surely sits down on a chair, the choice of a pot and schooling of the child to it becomes the most topical issue for mother.

At the age of 6-7 months the kid just learns to detain desires to urination and defecation. He is not capable to control the desires completely consciously yet. And often in attempts of parents to land the tot on a pot he is curved by an arch and opposes to sit on it. 

It is necessary to listen to the child. Usually it is good to catch him when he only woke up or in 15 minutes after meal, before walk, before acceptance bathing or at once later.

If the kid wants to crap, then he will show it the grunting. With "big" affairs it is much simpler to catch it as often at this age they are made 1-2 times a day and at the same time. 

If the child got used to be at home in pampers, then not to injure its mentality, at first it is possible to seat him on a pot directly in a diaper, for several minutes, and then for longer time. As soon as he gets used to sit on a pot, it will be possible to remove pampers.

And never you should force it to be violently on a pot. If it is not pleasant to it, then it is possible to try to land it over a basin or the bathroom. Often such jumping is popular with mothers whose children do not sit independently yet. 

Catching the kid when he has "small" or "big" physiological requirements, it is possible to develop at him a habit to be emptied on a pot. As it is rather long process, the child will be able to begin to ask itself only closer by a year. Therefore many pediatricians recommend to begin to land the child on a pot during the period from 1.5 to 2 years that the kid could seize this skill consciously.

Also you should not despair if it is impossible to catch the kid, and constant pools on a floor and wet sliders prevent you "to live". Sooner or later and your kid will begin to use a pot independently. The main thing not to be obsessed with this problem, and to talk to the child, not to abuse it for misses, and to explain on the contrary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team