Severe cough at the child: reasons and treatment

Severe cough at the child: reasons and treatment

The severe cough at the child is quite widespread situation for today. Daily 5% of parents in Russia face this problem. Most often, it arises suddenly and represents special reaction of a small organism to action of bacteria in his airways.

Severe cough at the child

The severe cough at the child is almost always accompanied by certain changes. First of all, is that in a case with kids the cough enough rapidly falls to bronchial tubes, and then and to lungs. For this reason severe children's cough it is very important to treat. And, treatment significantly differs from those methods and means which are used at treatment of the adult.

As a rule, the disease declares itself at night, in the afternoon similar symptoms are shown seldom. Anyway it has to become a signal for parents that the child caught a cold. Temperature increase of a body since development of an infection is always followed by the similar phenomenon will become the first to that confirmation. Common, apparently, cough often causes temperature increase of a body to thirty seven and eight degrees. Actually, it is not a reason for concern, thus the children's organism fights against bacteria. It is not necessary to force down such temperature since febrifuges will minimize activity of protective mechanisms of an organism.

It is obligatory to address the expert it is necessary in case at the kid severe dry cough, temperature rose higher than thirty eight degrees. Similar symptoms can testify to such diseases as rhinitis, bronchitis, tracheitis and many other inflammatory processes. These are serious diseases which cause needs to be found out. Only the pediatrician can define it. First of all during inspection it is necessary to exclude presence of tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Types of cough

Experts divide cough into several types. It can be productive or unproductive, incidental or short-term, paroxysmal or constant, sharp or chronic. Each of them demands special approach and treatment. Therefore it is not necessary to self-medicate as it is hazardous to health also of the child's life. It must be kept in mind that not each type of cough demands drug treatment. Some phlegm can be razzhizhit, for example, by means of plentiful warm drink. It will promote its easier exit from bronchial tubes and lungs and also will improve breath of the child. But the similar way will approach only if in airways there is no inflammatory process. Dry cough is treated step by step. For example, at first expectorant medicines give to the kid some time, and then prescribe the special medicines blocking cough. It is necessary to cure a severe cough at the child only having addressed the local pediatrician.

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