Shyness — a shortcoming or a highlight?

Shyness — a shortcoming or a highlight?

Owing to various temperament it is impossible to consider shyness bad or high quality unambiguously. It is important to understand whether it is the congenital or acquired feature of character.

Highlight or shortcoming?

If the shyness – a temperament component, for example, of the melancholiac or the phlegmatic person, and does not prevent the person to be happy and self-assured in any way, you should not fight against its manifestations. At least, it is not necessary to attach to congenital modesty too great value and to focus attention on it. In that case the shyness can be even unique feature, "highlight" of the personality.

If gained shyness of people in a consequence of the wrong education, it is possible to consider it a shortcoming. And in this case it is necessary to struggle with excessive modesty through overcoming complexes.

How to struggle with shyness

If shyness – inherited quality, you do not criticize harshly for it the child, it is not necessary to try to overcome in it this feature of character as subsequently such behavior of parents develops into formation of a complex of diffidence. If not to draw of great attention to shyness and not to consider it a shortcoming, over time it can be transformed to care, but without consequences for mentality. The modesty of the child often is inconvenient for parents more, than for him. It does not prevent to develop fully. It seems to parents that the kid is lost against the background of more sociable children and that do not pay attention to him. To the child it can be quite comfortable at such state of affairs. It is not necessary to try to force the kid to be talkative and to extort from him something if he not really wants to do it in an environment, unfamiliar for it. At the same time, it is necessary to develop independence and manifestation of an initiative that the child was not afraid to appeal or make a purchase, for example. It is possible to play with the baby games, modeling different life situations, forming by that a comfortable situation that he could be liberated and behave naturally. During the school period it is necessary to warn teachers that they did not fix attention on modesty of the child, and tried to involve it in the general actions and praised for progress in study, but did not abuse it and did not consider the meek creature. Shyness – feature of character of the personality, and by a shortcoming it is done by people around which form by the relation an uncertainty complex. Modest people have high qualities, such as respect for others opinion, ability to listen to another. If the shyness does not go beyond all limits, and the person can normally behave in public places, make actions, necessary for life, then this quality will be rather a highlight, than a shortcoming.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team