Signs of overfatigue at the school student

Signs of overfatigue at the school student

If the child constantly distracts at doing homework, cannot find to himself the place, cannot focus on a task, it means that he was tired and rest is necessary for it.

Often parents of the school student think that bad marks depend on how many child is engaged, but it not so. That there was a good progress it is necessary to organize rest correctly. When the child is in school or performs houses a task, he practically does not change position of the body as sits at a table much.

As a result of it the backbone, heart and nerves suffer. Such big loading is shown in fatigue, it, the so-called, protective mechanism which starts protective reaction from exhaustion.

It is possible to call the main symptoms of fatigue. The child begins to behave badly during performance of tasks, he can show carelessness. Besides, cannot often concentrate that is shown in "jumping" on lines. Also he cannot repeat a phrase of the parent or does not react to encouragement. Change of reaction to events which caused earlier absolutely other emotions is possible.

Having asked the child about his state, the parent will hardly receive the distinct answer as the school student can be afraid of the fatigue, thinking that it will be abused. Or simply he is not able to describe the feelings. In that case mom or dad need to try to distinguish signs of fatigue.

In order that the weariness receded it is necessary to carry out joint walks, to occupy the child physically, but not intellectually. It will be in that case possible to return to homework after a while. If not to make such pauses, then at the kid the overfatigue can develop, and then the parent can observe some of his signs.

Main signs of overfatigue

  • The child begins to be ill often, at him the immunity is suppressed.
  • At the kid the nervous tic - twitching of various parts of a body is observed.
  • Fears not peculiar to the school student are shown. For example, fear of darkness, turn, dark entrances and another. Besides, the child sleeps badly at night and he dreams nightmares.
  • Bad work warmly - the vascular system is observed. For example, manifestation of arrhythmia, pressure, perspiration.
  • Also temperature can rise though no symptoms of a disease are noted any more.
  • It is possible to notice a negative spirit of the child, depression, slackness.

If all signs or are at least a little revealed, then the school student needs to be shown to the neuropathologist. In that case to him will prescribe drugs which promote brain food and also will register change of a situation which will last from several days to one month. It depends on degree of fatigue of the kid.

But the main thing for the child in such situation is an approval and support of relatives, their love and care. You should not focus attention on failures of the child because in family the relation main thing. They need to be protected.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team