Signs of pregnancy by the boy

Signs of pregnancy by the boy

Who will be born – the boy or the girl – this question often torments future parents in the first months, and sometimes and until the end of pregnancy. Ultrasonography can not always give the answer to so trembling subject. But except ultrasonography to you some signs and signs can help to define a sex of the child.


1. Look narrowly at yourself. If you noticed improvement of appearance – healthy color and flatness of face skin, then it can say that you are pregnant with the boy. In the people there is a belief that girls take away beauty from mother. Besides, the male fruit has to add to you cheerfulness and forces, to improve appetite.

2. Pay attention to changes in the body. Men's hormones of a fruit on national signs have to add to you "vegetation" on the lower extremities. At some future mothers the down over lips begins to make the way. All this has to demonstrate that you wait for the boy. Besides, you will have constantly cold legs, a nose swelled up a little, "potato", and auras of nipples will strongly darken.

3. When the fruit becomes big, analyze a shape of a stomach. A stomach "cucumber", sharp, accurate, sticking out forward – a sure sign that you expect a male baby. At pregnancy by girls the stomach grows in breadth, surrounding a waist. And increase in volumes is well looked through also from a back. At the cucumber form from the back of the woman it is absolutely impossible to define, she is pregnant or not.

4. Try to notice from what leg you will melt, you go on what hand you lean. If all the time on right – that it can couple sign of pregnancy by the boy too. About same, according to east wise men, tells also weight in a stomach on the right side.

5. Pay attention to the flavoring addictions. At pregnancy to boys of women pulls on proteinaceous food more often – meat, fish, seafood, salty and sharp. And at pregnancy by the girl – on sweet and fruit.

6. Toxicosis can become one more factor of sex determination of the child. In the people it is considered that at expectation of the male child the toxicosis of the first trimester occurs in easier form, as well as the entire period of pregnancy. And here expectation of the baby is given to mothers of future girls more difficult.

7. Except observation of pregnancy course, changes in an organism and health, you can use also computing methods for sex determination of the child. One of the most known – on updating of blood of parents. Blood of the man (father) is updated once in four years. And at the woman is (mothers) – once in three years. Whose blood will be younger at the time of conception of a fruit – such floor and the child will be born. For example, mom is 24 years old, and to the father – 30 years. 24:3=8, 30:4=7.5. Means, blood of the father is younger. Respectively, the boy will be born.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team