Signs of pregnancy on term in 1 month

Signs of pregnancy on term in 1 month

The pregnancy period the most trembling in the woman's life. It is possible to learn about fast appearance of the kid on the first month on characteristic signs, changes in a female body.

Shy suspicions and bright signs

The woman can learn about the "interesting situation" both by means of the expert – the gynecologist, and by special test. There are certain signs on which the woman can assume existence of pregnancy and without special checks. It is only necessary to listen to a condition of own health and hardly noticeable changes which will begin to appear at once after conception.

External changes on the first month of pregnancy are absent. At the very beginning of incubation there are only hardly noticeable changes in health. Certainly, the first what the woman can pay attention to is a delay of periods. This phenomenon, in most cases, also causes thoughts of the arisen embryo.

Some girls fondly assume that the stomach promptly will begin to grow, well or at least its form will change. This delusion. On the first month of pregnancy the stomach will remain absolutely former size and a form. The first changes will be noticeable on the third, and at some only be five months pregnant. The first month of incubation can be followed by pains in ovaries and a bottom of a stomach. They have the pulling character and have property to amplify from physical activity. Pain is the evidence of attachment of an ovum to a uterus wall. The uterus is preparing for long incubation, stretches and changes the form a little. From a vagina there can be a modest drop of scarlet blood which demonstrates directly the happened fertilization. The first signs of pregnancy touch also a female breast. Future mom can notice swelling of a breast and its morbidity. You should not undertake measures for elimination of so painful sign as it is natural preparation of an organism.

Disturbing calls

If the girl, without knowing about the occurred pregnancy, takes excessive amount of alcohol, smokes, raises weights or has an enormous stress, then there can be an abortion. There are certain disturbing calls to which it is worth paying attention. First of all, if pain in ovaries becomes intolerable and begins to pull strongly in the bottom of a stomach – it is worth pricking up the ears. If at the same time diarrhea develops – it is necessary to hurry immediately to the doctor. In case of not the timely address the rejection of a fruit will simply begin and at the woman the bleeding which will extremely not be simple to be stopped already will begin and, most likely, there will be an abortion. In the first month each woman, especially that for which conception is desired and long-awaited can feel the first signs of pregnancy.

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