Since how many months the kid can give soups

Since how many months the kid can give soups

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Nutritionists argue on that today, the soup, in fact, which is the food pieces which are strongly diluted with liquid is how useful to the adult. It reduces concentration of gastric juice, slowing down and even breaking digestion process. But soup is simply necessary and very useful to the kid who is not able to chew and wash down still.

When in a diet of the child soup has to appear

The first soups cooked on vegetable broth, the child can begin to give in 5-6 months. At this age soup – already urgent need as is a source useful to a vermicular movement of the kid of cellulose, stimulating exchange processes and digestion. Soup – the low-calorie and low carbohydrate dish allowing to increase the volume of the received food. Besides, correctly cooked vegetable soup is a source of useful substances and vitamins, so necessary for development and growth of the child. The first soups have to be cooked only from vegetables and only on vegetable broth that will not cause problems at digestion. In few weeks it will be possible to add the meat which is a little boiled separately to soup – the veal or chicken processed in puree.

The soups cooked on meat broth have to appear in a diet of the kid not earlier than by a year. This results from the fact that broth is the concentrated extract from meat, a dish, too heavy for digestion. Therefore the first meat broths – secondary and it is necessary to cook them only from chicken or veal without bones. Secondary broths are cooked, draining the first water after it begins to boil. In such broth which is cooked on slow fire in 20-30 minutes until ready put the cut vegetables. Spices for children do not add to soups and salt needs to put very little. Full-fledged soup - such what are eaten by adults - the child can begin to eat by 3-4 years.

How to cook soup for the child

The most convenient and correct soup for the baby about one year is a cream soup. For several first in his life soups it is possible to use water in which pieces of vegetables were boiled as broth. You do not cook them long to keep a maximum of vitamins, and do not cut too small. As soon as vegetables can be pierced easily a fork, remove them from a plate, grind by means of the special nozzle of the blender intended for homogenization. Again boil the turned-out liquid puree, cool and feed with it the kid. For preparation of the real vegetable soup, vegetables broth at first cooks separately. Then vegetables and greens take out and put already from what soup will be cooked: pumpkin, either green peas, or cauliflower and so forth. That vegetables were better acquired, it is possible to add a little sour cream to soup or good olive oil. When the kid already learns to chew, it is possible to give him in soup the vegetables cooked largely, and then cut more small.

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