Sleep disorder at the child: reasons, fight methods

Sleep disorder at the child: reasons, fight methods

Healthy sound sleep is necessary for recuperation, health of all organism and nervous system. Sleep disorders – the frequent phenomenon, but is especially bad when children as it can negatively affect their mental health suffer from insomnia or frequent awakenings. Before beginning fight against this problem, it is necessary to deal with its reasons.

The causes of sleep disorders at children

Normal the newborn child sleeps 16 hours a day, six-month-old – 14.5 hours, one-year-old – 13.5. By 2 years the need for a dream decreases till 13 o'clock, to 4 – up to 11, to 6 – up to 9.5. Teenagers have to sleep not less than 8.5 hours. If you noticed that the child sleeps less, the whole day broken does not get enough sleep and goes you have to understand the reason of it.

One of the most important causes of infringement of a dream – the somatic diseases which are not connected with activity of nervous system. It can be otitises, colds with high temperature, gripes, dysbacteriosis, etc. Sometimes the toothache or stomatitis is the reason of insomnia. Only timely treatment of a disease can help the child in that case.

The second considerable reason because of which the sleep of children is interrupted consists in problems in work of nervous system. If at your child the disease of nervous system is not detected, but it observes faints, headaches, hearing disorder, problems with memory, spasms, neck pain or lumbar area, it had head injuries, etc. – you need to be checked at the neuropathologist and to undergo diagnostics: magnetic resonance imaging, polisomnografiya, elektroneyromiografiya, etc.

Sometimes any hereditary factor is the reason of insomnia at the child. If you suffer from sleep disorders, the probability that your children will face this problem too is high. Most often children suffer because of sleep disorders because of strong emotional loadings and stresses. The period of examinations, an unsuccessful situation in family, – all this can lead overexcitation because of a large number of guests in the house to insomnia or emergence of nightmares in the sensitive child. To help the kid, it is necessary to eliminate the factor causing overexcitation or nervousness. Use also traditional medicine - before going to bed make to the child soothing teas with a valerian, a camomile, hop. The following factors causing problems with a dream are errors in food and bad conditions of a dream. It is necessary to struggle with insomnia in the first case by means of correction of the menu and an exception from it of caffeine, heavy and salty products. In the second case the creation of comfortable conditions for a dream is necessary – in the bedroom it has to be dark, are silent and it is cool, the bed and linen have to be comfortable and pleasant to a body.

Sleepwalking, talk in a dream and dreadful dreams

In the world there are dream pathologies which are difficult for explaining and it is almost impossible to cure. Among them there are sleepwalking, a talk in a dream and dreadful dreams. These problems can be shown already in the early childhood and pursue the person all life. Sleepwalking is a circulation during sleep. Sometimes parents do not even notice that the child sleepwalks since his eyes are open and actions are quite purposeful. However in the morning he will not be able to remember that he got up at night, will be broken and tired. Sleepwalking can be caused by epilepsy, diseases of an urinogenital system. If you notice such phenomenon – urgently see a doctor. A talk in a dream – rather frequent violation which happens also to adults. The person in this state can tell separate words and the whole phrases. Aggravations most often it happens against the background of neuroemotional frustration, at strong excitement before going to bed. This pathology does not respond to treatment, the only thing that it is possible to make – to drink before going to bed the calming teas. Dreadful dreams differ from usual in very terrible plot and high memorability. The child wakes up in the night from shout, tears, spasms in a throat, and in the morning absolutely accurately remembers the dream. If nightmares dream more often than 1 time a week, consultation of the doctor is necessary for the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team