Slingomama accessories

Slingomama accessories

Baby slings gain popularity more and more, and producers in gratitude release more and more various accessories to them. Any trifles facilitate life of slingoroditel that nothing prevented great time of motherhood.


It is an important detail for walks without cares. Having a baby sling and a jacket to it, you can not buy a carriage. Walks in embraces of mom contribute to the good development of nervous system. In a slingokurtka you know for sure that the child will not freeze, will be able to breastfeed him imperceptibly. Also you will be able to walk everywhere: even where the carriage will not pass. In shop you can quietly take off a jacket and be engaged in purchases, without being afraid that the child will sweat. 

Are sewed by Slingokurtki from waterproof and wind-shelter fabrics with use of modern heaters. For a summer cool it is possible to buy knitted ponchos or fleece jackets, and jackets with dense heater which maintain quite low temperatures will be suitable for fall and winter. Slingokurtki are practical – some trifles will help to be warmed if suddenly on the street became cold or it started to rain. It is, for example, the hood which rises, easily drags on and covers the child from nature whims. Cuts for hands will be useful to the grown-up kid who will not want to hide handles under a jacket any more.

On some models of jackets there can be belts supporting the head of the child and also pockets in which phone or a trifle on travel by the bus will be located. Undoubted plus of a slingokurtka is that she can be carried also without special insert. Thus, having removed an insert for the child, the jacket will become a usual fashionable thing for mom.


For those for whom the slingokurtka is too expensive the slingovstavka will help out. It is the jacket detail warmed from within which fastens to your main jacket. It increases your outerwear by pair of the sizes. The insert costs not much, it easily fastens to the main outerwear. It, as well as a slingokurtka, will cover your kid from cold, a rain and wind. Often the slingovstavka is made for cool autumn and spring weather, but in this case for it heater which fastens to an insert by means of buttons is separately sewed. The insert has also cuts for handles, a hood and drawstrings which will help to tighten all available seats.


Slingobusa were thought up in order that mom remained quiet and healthy. This beads is made manually of cotton strings and wooden beads of a juniper. A lovely bagatelle which will help mom to save itself from continuous pinches of the child.

Slingobusa are put on mom, and the child, sitting in a baby sling or being fed, can finger them fingers, gnaw the cut teeth or just look at them. They will distract the kid from mother's hair and from chains with pendants in the bright colors and interesting small toys. Slingobusa can rattle, rustle, ring. It not just jewelry for a mother's neck, is an important bagatelle for development of fine motor skills of hands in the kid, his interest, color and sound perception. With the grown-up children with the help slingobus it is possible to learn colors, the sizes, forms. This beads will help mothers with line to the doctor, with the bus to distract the child from whims.


It is one more interesting child accessory, being in a baby sling. Gaiters are relevant in the winter because legs of the child can freeze out of a baby sling when all the rest is closed by a cloth. When finding the child on mom, his trouser-legs are lifted up, and at such cases will save slingogetra which are put on legs. They well warm the child's legs, at the same time do not heat all body. Gaiters will also be useful when the child learns to creep or go on all fours. By means of them the kid will not rub a knee. Slingogetra are made of knitted fabrics on cool season and of wool – for the winter. They are various in the assortment, and you will be able to pick up in color of the baby sling.


So-called slingochun are not less popular. Chuni is boot covers which are put on the child's legs after he went on the ground. They will be useful for the grown-up children.

Often on walk the child is tired and asks on hands. That's it at these moments of a slingochuna are put on the child, and he takes seat in a baby sling. Chuni will protect your clothes from dirt and slush in dirty season and during a rain. Boot covers are sewed dimensionlessly and suit children up to 3-4 years. They are thin, from waterproof fabric. It is easy to put on and remove them, and in a bag they take very few place. For children of 5 years they are also more senior too will be useful – not to soil inside of your car, just put on boot covers over street footwear.


Also will be useful to Slingoigrushki to development of the child. These small toys, of the size of a palm, and even it is less. They are bright, soft, nice on the touch. Slingoigrushkami usually are forest animals and pets, flowers, dolls, the sun, cloudlets or machines. They match from cotton and bamboo threads. Details of each toy are worked carefully out, whether it be ears, eyes or wheels. Small parts of toys are sewn strong that at hit in a mouth they did not creep away. Filler in slingoigrushka is used safe, it does not crumble and is not extended through a knitted cloth. Toys can be erased in the washing machine. They will serve to your child long time, distracting it in turns or calming in your absence. They can be attached on slingobusa, on a lace or just on clothes.


Slingodozhdevik or a slingonakidka will save you and your child from nature whims. The cape is sewed from waterproof dense fabric and is put on outerwear. Because of composition of fabric to you neither the rain, nor wind are terrible. If a slingonakidka also with fleece heater, then to you even hard frosts are not terrible. In cool summer the raincoat can be worn just on a baby sling, without jacket as protection against a rain. He takes places a little therefore it can be taken on walk, having put in a bag or in a pocket.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team