Small appetite at the child

Small appetite at the child

Food is the main function of an organism. What we eat and in what quantity, affects our health and appearance. The growing organism needs healthy and quality food. Children and teenagers need the strengthened food and parental control. But, how to be with children whom it is heavy to force to eat. They can walk for hours, without the slightest attacks of hunger.

Children, as well as adults, have the natural constitution. Some have voracious appetite irrespective of season and existence of mood. Others eat moderately, being guided by different factors. But, both those, and others eat enough to provide the organism to all necessary. But, many mummies have tactics of violent feeding. And then, the appetite vanishes absolutely. Never force the child to eat up all food from a plate. Such rule will cause total loss of appetite in some children. The task of mother has to consist not volume that the child ate, and in that it had a desire to sit down at a table to eat. The nature took care of congenital instincts which will definitely not allow the kid to die starvation. You look at it more simply. Approach creatively a task. Make a breakfast in the form of a figure of a small fish or a spider. For example, core of a spider from fried eggs, pads from a cucumber, draw with ketchup to it eyes. Such approach will not leave indifferent either big nor small children. The child precisely will have an appetite only from one view of a plate with food.

Sometimes the child is too monotonous food. For example, borsch, pasta and sandwich. But, in it there is nothing terrible. Such behavior will not last eternally. Some time will be so, but later it will begin to include products which its organism will need in the diet. But, if such state lasts long, consult to the doctor, perhaps he will appoint to you additional vitamins.

Also, some mothers use an entrapping method at meals. They tell every time the fairy tale, or show a new toy. Such method can be applied, not often, during a disease, or just feeling sick. As soon as the child gets used to such ritual, to wean to it will be absolutely difficult. Therefore, to everything there has to be a measure. Not for nothing there is a saying: "When I eat, I am deaf and mute". Explain to the child the essence is more senior than it. To behave properly at a table. That food became true pleasure. Let he will get used that at a table do not play about. And bon appetit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team