Small appetite at the child. What should I do?

Small appetite at the child. What should I do?

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The kid eats with appetite on a visit, and never wants the house? He adores porridge which is cooked by the grandmother, but turns away from yours? In this case it is worth taking couple of culinary lessons from mom or the mother-in-law. And here if everywhere and everywhere the tot is bent at the sight of soup, porridge, paste or pancakes, it has to guard. Perhaps, at you the little gourmet grows – he eats with appetite that he is pleasant to it, and refuses unloved dishes. But if the list of "darlings" is limited only to pasta, it is worth visiting the doctor and to take measures for increase in appetite.

Dose liquid and sweet

Excess consumption of liquid occupies a considerable part of net volume of a stomach and creates false feeling of satiety. Therefore try that the tot did not drink much during the day, and do not do his drinks sweet. Then I am eager will satisfy easier, and the appetite will not suffer.

Also the baby should avoid having a snack (it does not belong to fresh fruit and vegetables) during the day buns, cookies, buns, wafers … In such products there are a lot of "empty" carbohydrates which lead to saturation. After them healthy food does not getting hungry. So if not to do without similar delicacies, leave them for a dessert (offer then when the squash, ragout or borsch are eaten).

Walk much

The child as long as possible needs to be in the fresh air! Pediatricians and nutritionists do not cease to go on about it. At good weather walk with the kid several times a day at least on a couple of hours in the park or at a reservoir. It contributes to normalization of appetite and allows to provide physical activity, and respectively, and power consumption (the baby jumps, runs, plays a ball), which will be filled up by the child from food.

Ustaivayte picnics

If on weekdays it is impossible to leave the city, try to organize family and to make it at least during week-end – there air much more purely. And if gathered at way road, surely think over, than you will feed the kid on a picnic, and take a cloth, the corresponding ware and provisions, of course. By the way, it is frequent at the tot run in the fresh air there is such appetite that he eats two-three times more, than usually, and even that he and would not try the house. Consider it and be ready!

Let the kid prepare too

A great way to tempt appetite at the child is to interest him. So involve the kid in process of production of different dishes! Let him shake up eggs the mixer, draws cream amusing mugs on jelly or decorates paste with leaves of parsley or berries of a cranberry.

Naturally, you will tell and show as well as what needs to be done. And it is still obligatory to praise and encourage. And who after direct participation in preparation of a dish will refuse to try it? If mom and dad will praise a masterpiece and will not forget to note merits of the little scullion.

Impose mini-portions

Do not put huge portions on a plate of the kid. Know better how many approximately the child has to eat. The daily volume of food for children from a year to one and a half years is equal about 1200, from one and a half to two – 1300, on the third year – about 1500. In other words, 240-250 g fall on one meal at 5-times feeding aged up to one and a half years, at 4-times aged from one and a half up to two years – about 300 g, and on the third year – 350-370 g.

However consider, these are approximate norms. During a heat, during a disease, during active growth they can change. If a deviation insignificant, then strongly do not endure. But if portions twice differ from norm, and the baby does not eat them even against the background of excellent health, try to increase the number of feedings. 

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