Smell problem from a mouth at children

Smell problem from a mouth at children

The smell problem from a mouth meets not only at adults, but is frequent also among children. And many parents begin to worry. And, however, at children of advanced age should not smell unpleasantly from a mouth. And if it happened, it is necessary to find the reasons.

At newborns and babies from a mouth has to smell of milk because dairy bacteria which suppress development of other bacteria so far live in an organism at such kid.

The morning smell should not disturb parents, at night children do not eat, so, in a mouth is a little allocated saliva and "excess" bacteria gather. The smell will also appear at consumption of onions, garlic, cabbage, cheeses and greasy food. But it is the single reasons which are solved usual toothbrushing.

At unbalanced food fetid odors can also appear. If the child uses many proteins, in a stomach putrefactive processes because of long digestion of such products begin. Abuse of fruit or bean ferments them in a stomach. Cheeses at digestion can smell of "rotten eggs" since cause formation of sulfur. And because of sweets in a mouth bacteria which also mark out specific aroma collect.

Even the nervous tension or any emotions in life of the child can cause an unpleasant smell. In such cases it is possible to allow the kid to chew something or to drink, and the stream of the emitted saliva will correct this problem.

The smell problem from a mouth can be fixed independently. It is for this purpose important to teach the child to brush correctly teeth, it is desirable twice a day. To give him it is less than sweets more firm vegetables and fruit. For example, carrots or apple clean gums and language from a raid, at the same time more saliva is emitted. At disorders or stresses to give to the kid it is more than drink.

If the smell remains after the taken measures, then the occasion will see a doctor.

The smell from a mouth can become a signal of some diseases of a mouth, teeth, digestive tract and even infections. At infections of a nasopharynx the unpleasant putrefactive smell of which the breeding microbes smell is characteristic. At the increased acidity in a stomach the smell from a mouth will be sourish. Diseases of kidneys are characterized by an ammonia smell, and inflammation of a liver will smell of sweet hepatic aroma. Children will have a smell of stewed cabbage with metabolism problems. Even at treatment of cold the smell from a mouth can appear if often to use nasal drops. Worms also cause an unpleasant smell from a mouth in children, as well as dizbakterioz.

But together with this symptom there can be also many others therefore it is not recommended to make the diagnosis independently only in the presence of a smell from a mouth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team