Smoking at pregnancy: consequences

Smoking at pregnancy: consequences

Smoking at pregnancy – the most private mistake of future mothers. And this habit is one of the most dangerous factors for a fruit. Hazardous substances through a maternal blood-groove get to the child. Extent of defeat of an organism depends on quantity of the smoked cigarettes in day and on pregnancy term.

Delusions about smoking during pregnancy

One of the most considerable myths says that smoking at pregnancy is not really dangerous to the child. Of course, it not so. Each cigarette smoked by you threatens pregnancy and health of future kid. Therefore ideal option will be to leave off smoking even before conception.

It is considered to be that more quality cigarettes do smaller harm. People who are solidary with it very much are mistaken. Effect of all cigarettes identical, it does not depend on their price. Just expensive cigarettes contain various aromatic additives, it is more pleasant to smoke them, but they also harm organisms of future mother and child.

There is an opinion that during pregnancy cannot be left off smoking. Like, cleaning of an organism begins, it passes through a fruit and harms it. But any doctor will tell you what to continue to smoke more dangerously.

Some pregnant women understand that their addiction can do much harm to the kid, but cannot get rid of it. And then they decide to pass to more light cigarettes, considering that thus less nicotine and pitches will come to an organism. But it does not influence on risk reduction. The smoker will seek to fill nicotine level in an organism, dragging on smoke more deeply or smoking bigger quantity of cigarettes. To smoke gradual throwing also has insignificant effect. The best that you can make – to refuse cigarettes at once. So the organism will be cleaned much quicker.

Smoking consequences in the early stages of pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy bodies and the systems of a human body are formed. Further they will only develop, and a fruit to gain weight and grow. Smoking at this stage of pregnancy can cause a spontaneous abortion or "dying down" of pregnancy. Statistics shows that at the smoking pregnant women the abortions happen twice more often, than at women who lead a healthy lifestyle. Also smoking in the early stages of pregnancy can cause congenital pathologies of development of the kid. The child will be threatened by pathologies of a nervous tube, bone and other systems of an organism if future mother does not throw the addiction.

Smoking consequences in the late stages of pregnancy

In the second trimester the placenta at full capacity begins to work. Through it the child receives oxygen and nutrients. If the pregnant woman smokes, not enough oxygen because of what there can be a sharp or chronic hypoxia comes to an organism of the child. Also there can be a premature maturing of a placenta and it will worse function. Smoking at pregnancy can become the reason of premature birth. At mothers having addiction to cigarettes several times premature children are born more often. And the children born in time have smaller weight. By the way, it is influenced by smoking not only during pregnancy, but also before its approach. Stillborn children at the smoking women are born approximately for 20% more often than at non-smoking. If future mom smokes more pack of cigarettes in day, then the indicator increases up to 35%. But a lot of things depend not on the fact of smoking, but also on other adverse factors. If the woman, besides smoking, has venereal diseases and other infections, takes alcohol, then risk to give birth to the dead kid considerably increases.

When the kid was already born

Many consider that if smoking during pregnancy did not leave various consequences at once – that everything well. But it absolutely not so. At mothers who could not leave off smoking when they bore the kid and continue to be engaged in it further, less milk is developed and it has bitter smack. Because of it many children refuse a breast, and they should be raised artificially. At the kids having the smoking mothers the risk increases to die of sudden cardiac arrest. It happens at kids in the first year of life without the reasons seen on that. The risk increases at those women who smoked in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

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