Spasms at children: than to help?

Spasms at children: than to help?

Involuntary, faltering reduction of muscles is called spasms. They are different intensity and duration. Arise both at adults, and at children because of different diseases.

Because of what there are spasms

The brain operates work of an organism, including monitors reduction and relaxation of muscles. To it teams for activation of operation of the musculoskeletal device arrive. In a human body there is a place and to the braking process which conducts sorting of all signals arriving to a brain. Inflammation or a trauma send team to a brain, and the braking process does not work. Because of it there are spasms. They are the frequent phenomenon at children as cells of a brain are well and quickly excited, and process of braking is still developed poorly. However spasms can arise not because of misoperation of a brain, and because of problems with muscles.

Epilepsy, inflammation of a brain, infection, tumors, injuries, bad heredity, violation of work of a parathyroid gland, the shortage of magnesium and glucose in blood - all this the causes of spasms. They are dangerous that during an attack the brain lacks oxygen, all processes in an organism slow down. Frequent spasms can lead to lag in physical and intellectual development, to change of character, behavior of the child.

To establish a cause of illness

The electroencephalography will help to define the cause of spasms. Perhaps, they happen because of a tumor in a brain or epilepsy. Biochemical blood test will reveal violations in exchange processes, a lack of the necessary minerals of blood. Treatment will depend on the reason of appearance of spasms. On violations the doctor the neuropathologist specializes in nervous system, and here dysfunction of exchange processes the endocrinologist treats.

How to behave during an attack

The attack can lasts from several seconds to several minutes. It is necessary to call an ambulance. Before arrival of doctors it is possible to give first aid. It is necessary to take off the constraining clothes from the child, to turn him sideways as during spasms foam from a mouth can go, the person will choke. To prevent biting of language, follows between us and teeth to put a clean handkerchief. It is necessary to provide inflow of fresh air, to open a window. If spasms arose against the background of temperature increase, then the child should give febrifuge, to put ice to a carotid, to begin to brush away. Because of strong crying and a hysterics the faltering reduction of muscles can begin. In this case it is necessary to try to restore breath, to pour over the child cold water, to allow to smell liquid ammonia and to give demulcent. Parents need to watch the frequency of attacks, their duration and what could promote them. It is important to remember, than the child ate, than the day before was ill whether there was a temperature increase. This information is useful to the attending physician for diagnosis.

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