Squash puree for the baby – tasty is also useful

Squash puree for the baby – tasty is also useful

Squash puree - food which is ideal as the first feeding up. In order that it brought to the baby only benefit, it is necessary to learn to train him correctly.

Marrow puree as the first feeding up

After achievement by the kid 4-6 monthly age it lacks any more those nutrients which contain in breast milk or artificial dairy mix. During this period the pediatricians advise to enter the first feeding up. To start the baby it is necessary to acquaint with vegetable purees.

It is worth beginning a feeding up with single-component products. In this case squash puree is ideal. This vegetable does not cause allergies, easily is digested. It is very useful as it contains a large number of mineral components, vitamins and other valuable substances. The squash is rich with iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium. It can be prepared rather easily that surely will be pleasant to mothers, at which very little free time.

How to make squash puree

For preparation of puree it is better to choose fresh medium-sized vegetables. Frozen products can be used too if the period of a feeding up falls on winter or spring time. It is desirable to do preparations independently to be sure of quality of frozen vegetables. Squash should be washed up, peeled, removed pulp with sunflower seeds, and to cut a dense part in small cubes. If they were grown up on a bed without use of chemical fertilizers, at once after crushing it is possible to start their heat treatment. The squash bought in shop or in the market need to be soaked in cold water for 1-2 hours just before preparation. It will allow to clean them from residues of nitrates and other agricultural fertilizers. To prepare the crushed squash, it is necessary to lower them in a pan and to boil thoroughly on slow fire within 10-15 minutes. During heat treatment from them a large amount of fabric juice is distinguished therefore you should not add to ware a lot of water initially. To keep all soluble vitamins and minerals which are contained in vegetable it is possible to boil thoroughly it in the double boiler. In this case the made puree will have a bigger nutritional value. After heat treatment it is necessary to wipe a squash through a sieve or to crush it in the blender and to feed the kid with the turned-out puree. You should not prepare it for the future as the product cannot be stored more than 1 days even in the fridge. Every time to offer children up to 1 year better a freshly cooked squash. For the first time it is necessary to give to the baby of very few puree. There will be quite enough one teaspoon. Further the quantity of a product can be increased gradually. Also it will be possible to add the crushed carrots, beet, potatoes to puree.

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