Stages of formation of the speech at children

Stages of formation of the speech at children

Each parent dreams of that his child had the correct, competent speech. But, unfortunately, the problem of speech anomalies is particularly acute today. And in time to notice the beginning deviation in the speech of the child, it is important to know stages of formation of the speech.

At children the formation of the speech happens not spontaneously, it takes place several stages. It should be noted that if the child is late in speech development from peers, then there are no reasons for nervousness as it is influenced by a number of factors. First, Wednesday in which the child grows: than more often he hears a conversation, than more you involve it in dialogue, that high probability of the fact that the child will soon master the system of language. Secondly, mental features of the child which, certainly, are individual.


So, the first stage of speech development is festivities. On the second month of life the child has sound complexes which do not bear special value. The first element of language which is mastered by the child is the intonation. It is also "smyslorazlichitel" at this time. Attentive mom will determine by intonation that is necessary for the child.

The third or fifth month – the sensitive period for development in the child of interest in a conversation. At this time kids consider not so much the person speaking with it in general how many its an articulation.


On the tenth month the child has a babble. At this stage he puts separate sounds in syllables. According to some parents, these golofraza (the term S.N. Tseitlin designating a sound complex with the sense which is absent so far) are the first words, we will discover secretion that the word "mom" not the first in the speech of the child as the sense which is behind this sound complex is not known to them.

So, during the period from ten months to one and a half years the child acquires all system of language. The first that it fills with value – syllables. Of them it forms "own dictionary" (words which occur only in the speech of children, the "adults" who are still not acquired by the child synonyms have). Phrases and simple, terse sentences are formed of them, most often they transfer a request, the order. In parallel there is a development of phonetics. The last sound is "р". An upper threshold in its formation is the four-year age if the deviation is found, better at once, without shelving to address the expert.


The finishing, most long and difficult stage in a speech development is formation of grammar. It is considered that by ten years the system of language is acquired completely. It is important to parents to talk to the child about language, to pay attention to difficulties and, of course, to help the child throughout all development of the speech.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team