Stool for bathing in the bathroom: what to choose

Stool for bathing in the bathroom: what to choose

Daily bathing for the kid is an opportunity to adapt as much as possible to the outside world, to remove a hyper tone of muscles and always to be in good mood. Earlier in the large bathroom to the kid on a bottom laid a diaper that he did not slide off, today producers of children's goods offer comfortable hills and stools for bathing, capable to ensure safety during the water procedures.

Standard seats for bathing

Standard designs represent a safety rim and the pakhovy limiter which does not allow the child to slide off down in the course of the water procedures. On a bathtub surface such seat reliably is fixed by four suckers. The majority of such designs equip with the rubber toys and bright elements of a rim distracting and entertaining the kid.

The rotating seats

Advantage of such device to bathing consists in an opportunity to turn a seat by 360 degrees. Thanks to it, mom has not only an opportunity to wash up the kid from all directions, but also to diversify games in the bathroom. Safety of a system is ensured by suckers and fixing in any of the chosen provisions.

Universal stool

Universal stools are equipped with suckers and removable legs that allows to use them both during the water procedures, and after them. A choice for a universal stool should be made that who assumes its transportation.

Suspended seat

Unlike all these models, this design is not established on a bathtub bottom, and fastens to its boards. Suspended seats have nonslipping seats and the high supporting backs. Thanks to a bracket clip which is regulated under board width the seat turns by 180 degrees. You should not choose such seat for excessively active children, having made a start legs from a bottom, they can promote that the seat will come off boards.

Rules of the choice of accessories for bathing

Before going behind a seat or the hill for bathing of the kid, measure bathtub bottom width. Each model is equipped with suckers which ensure safety and have to concern strongly a bottom, otherwise you receive an unstable design. If you choose a system for bathing of the child 6 months are younger, give preference to the anatomic hill with a big emphasis for legs which does not allow to slide off to the kid. Having chosen model, make sure that it is equipped with a T-shaped crossbeam or the foot grasp holding the child. Each model is calculated on any given age, you should not get a seat "for growth", it can be unsafe. In too small and narrow seat to the child it will be inconvenient, and hardly process of bathing will bring it joy. Pay attention to quality of the material. Plastic should not bend. And its surface has to be deprived of hangnails.

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