Suicide reasons

Suicide reasons

Now the suicide is considered quite burning issue. So, in the world each two seconds someone tries to commit suicide, and each twenty seconds - achieves the objective. Annually 1100000 people die of it. Strange, but number of people who committed suicide in this way much more, than the number of the killed in the war.

Reasons of suicides

According to official figures, around the world it is possible to carry more than 800 different factors to the reasons of suicide. Treat the most significant:

- 40% - without the reason; - 19% - died because of fear of punishment;

- 18% - the people having mental diseases; - 18% - suicide against the background of household problems;

- 6% - suicide because of various passions; - 3% - people who could not endure loss of property or money; - 1.4% - the people satiated life; - 1.2% - suicide, against the background of serious illnesses (AIDS, cancer) In many cases the people do not know why they so made for this reason for supernumeraries the bulk of the reasons remains unsolved. 80% of suicides let know to people around about intentions to die, in though very abnormal ways in advance. And here 20% of people die absolutely suddenly.

Love and suicide

Most of people are sure that the suicide is inseparably linked with unfortunate love. However actually it far not so. For different age groups of the reason of suicide strongly differ. For example, at teenagers of 16 years the one-way love makes nearly a half from all reasons of suicides, and at people is more senior 25 is put this reason, on the contrary, one of the most rare. At early age children dream of true love, it is for them the main reason not to live further. Especially it concerns those teenagers for whom suicide seems as a way to prove something to the relatives, relatives, friends, darling or parents. For some reason at young age the teenagers perceive the first feeling of love as unique, without paying attention at the same time that in most cases the first love always terminates unsuccessfully. From it young people begin to consider that in the future they will be waited only by sufferings though, actually, the first love passes quickly enough. It, generally happens during the school period and abundance of the next events, like receiving further education or job search, push all thoughts of the past into the background.

Who is inclined to a suicide

Those who undergo changes, loss of the former social status or habitual living conditions, as a rule, are inclined to a suicide. The highest level of suicides occurs among such social groups as, for example, addicts, mental patients, the demobilized officers, recent pensioners, young soldiers, disabled people, chronic patients. Probably, this category of people it seems that after a suicide to them it will be simpler, than to be in those conditions where they lived. Among other things, the status of the person is important: married and married, as a rule, make similar nonsenses much less often that you will not tell about those who had to endure loss. In addition, when comparison between the level of suicides and education level was carried out, it became clear that people who studied in higher educational institutions are much less inclined to a suicide, than those people who got secondary education. According to experts, they have big tendency to self-destructive thoughts and actions.

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