"Summer" children: features of development and character

"Summer" children: features of development and character

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The children who were born in the summer will always be in the center of attention, they want it or not. All because the nature allocates such children with the internal force, generosity, philanthrophy and kindness.

"Solar" children

Pediatricians noticed long ago that the "summer" children who especially appeared at the end of a season are larger also above the peers who were born in the cold period of year. This results from the fact that future mothers spent in the sun much time, and it, in turn, stimulates education in a vitamin D organism. Scientists say that the heavenly body transfers the force to the child till his birth, and subsequently they are ill many times less often than "spring" or "winter" children. According to data of researches, "summer" children are almost not subject to diabetes and asthma, among them there are few allergic persons.

"Solar" kids and the mode – concepts which are ideally compatible. Their biological clock goes quickly therefore parents, as a rule, have no problems with their falling asleep and awakening. They are not afraid of the dark, especially are not capricious before going to bed what you will not tell about "winter" peers. At competent education, organized and responsible people will grow up from "solar" children.

Weak point

It was not without tar spoon. A weak point of "summer" children are eyes: probability to get various ophthalmologic diseases at such children 24% higher, than at "winter" or "autumn". At them the risk of short-sightedness because of excessive impact of sunlight on even weak eyes increases. For this reason to parents it is necessary to protect from the first days of life of the kid his face from direct sunlight.


Leadership skills and internal force are inherent in "summer" children. They are patient, persistent and fair. Quite often, given rise in the summer, connect the life with public work and become politicians, philosophers, lawyers. "Summer" children like to be in attention epicenter, however at heart can remain careful and very timid. They protect weak, often take the risk, but cannot sometimes advocate the interests. Such kids it is necessary to praise and explain more often that there is nothing bad in healthy egoism. The increased emotionality and sensitivity allow "summer" children to share the experiences with people around and to express emotions. For this reason they extremely seldom face depressions. The excessive impressionability is capable to provoke withdrawals at such children therefore parents have to bring softly them out of a similar state and send emotional activity to the useful course. Joint games and walks with discussion of what was seen will come to the rescue.

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