Summer classes with the child

Summer classes with the child

Summer - a wonderful time! Time of long walks in the fresh air, cheerful and active games. Together with a game on walk it is possible to be engaged also in development of the child. It will give to the kid pleasure and will bring benefit.

Mini-garden. Together with the child find the secluded place in the yard, loosen and water it. Fence with pebbles or weave a fence out of branches. Together plant a flower there and you monitor its growth. Weed weeds, in due time water. At the child such occupation creates the positive relation to work, its value, he sees results of the work. The child watches growth process, how from a sunflower seed the plant turns out, learns to make logical chains.

Cheerful arithmetics. Chalk draw geometrical figures on asphalt, study the account, the concept ""many few"", different forms and colors.

  • Draw with a piece of chalk on asphalt several identical objects. Count them, and then near them sign the necessary figure.
  • The same on the contrary. Draw figure, and the child let will bring the quantity of pebbles corresponding to it.
  • By means of molds make figures of sand, for example, 3 berries and 2 machines. Suggest the child to define what it is more.

Letters. A piece of chalk - a great way for studying letters.

  • Write volume letters on asphalt, and the child let paints space in them. 
  • Begin to write a letter, and the kid let tries to continue it.  
  • It is possible to ask the child to jump on the letters written at some distance from each other and to remember the words beginning on them. 
  • Make a word of letters. The child has to find letters necessary to it on asphalt and jump on them.
  • Write a letter, and the child let learns it. Then represent a subject or the animal beginning on this letter.
  • Let the kid look for letters familiar to it among a great number of others.

Trigger sprayers. When still to play on the street water how not in the summer? Make the trigger sprayer (it is possible to buy already ready water gun) of a bottle and draw water on sand.

Pebbles and sticks. From improvised objects it is possible to put geometrical figures, to recalculate the pebbles difficult in a row, to decorate with them figures from sand.

Find a subject. Prepare houses of a card with an izborazheniye of flowers, insects, objects (the bicycle, sovochek, a bucket). Together on the street look for what is represented on the picture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team