Surrogacy: pros and cons

Surrogacy: pros and cons

Now there are many disputes around a surrogacy subject. Defenders of the matter say that it is the only way to take out the child the woman genetically not related to the kid. Others are indignant and prove that surrogacy is similar to trade in children. Who as a result of the rights?

First, to become the surmamy woman it is necessary to correspond to a number of requirements: existence of great health and a positive Rhesus factor, lack of addictions, the birth of the child of 6 months, age limit of 25-34 years without Caesarian. As a rule, such demands are made by parents customers.

If you decided to become substitute mother, then remember that first, you help infertile parents to find happiness of motherhood and paternity. Secondly, the love for the kid at such family will be in advance predetermined because of vain attempts to give birth to the child. 

Such way of incubation has also minuses. Psychologically the surmama can become attached very strongly to the born child that in a consequence after a rodorazresheniye can lead to a postnatal depression. The woman making the decision to become surmamy understands that this service is rendered for a reward which can vary between1000000 and of the monthly sum. Of course, each work (and pregnancy and childbirth - process heavy both morally, and physically) has to be paid, but if to look at a situation on the other hand, then there is an opinion that to surrogacy treat as business.

One more slippery moment in incubation of the child thus: at the wrong execution of the contract with the customer of a surmam risks not only not to receive monetary compensation, but also to remain with genetically foreign child on hands. As a result, there is a misunderstanding situation from the spouse and even a divorce.

Making the decision on helping childless couple with incubation of the child, you have to weigh everything pros and cons. And to remember that the child - not a thing and even not an animal, and the personality for whom you will also be responsible, as well as biological parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team