Symptoms of chickenpox at the child

Symptoms of chickenpox at the child

Chicken pox is one of the most difficult and dangerous infectious diseases. Most often children of chest and younger age are infected with chickenpox. Experts note that to the adult to have an infection much more difficult, than to the child.


1. If the child regularly attends kindergarten, then parents should examine children's skin more carefully. Especially it concerns the period, so-called, chickenpox epidemics. Chicken pox can proceed at each person differently. Some children have a plentiful rash covering all body. Others can have single centers of inflammation which not always manage to be noticed at once.

2. Irrespective of a form of chicken pox, this disease is always followed by emergence on a body of the child of small rash. At first it is possible to notice the small reddenings reminding stings of mosquitoes which very soon turn into ""water"" balls.

3. Most often chickenpox is followed by the symptoms reminding ORZ, the SARS or even a tonsillitis. Body temperature of the child at the same time can rise up to 39-39.5C. The child can feel weakness, drowsiness and a fever. Babies begin to be capricious and to constantly show the discontent without the reasons, special on that.

4. Rash on a body of the child develops not at once, and only in 1-2 days after the first symptoms reminding cold. Water balls promptly extend on all body, including they can appear even on mucous membranes.

5. Quite often at the initial stage of development the parents confuse rash of chicken pox with allergic reactions. The main difference of these diseases - places of defeat. Chickenpox passes step by step - at first sites of the head under indumentum are surprised, single inflammations can be noticed on a back or the child's stomach. Allergic reactions most often differ in accurate localization - hands, legs, a back or a child's face.

6. Pay attention that rash at chicken pox is followed, as a rule, by a severe itch. Bubbles burst, turning into open wounds. If not to process affected areas, then the risk of entering of dangerous infections is possible.

7. Water bubbles are processed by brilliant green solution at once. Within 7-8 days of inflammation turn into brownish crusts, and then disappear completely within several more days.

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