Symptoms of hepatitis at children

Symptoms of hepatitis at children

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When in maternity hospital the weak kid begins to be ill the alfalfa butterfly, doctors never sound the alarm. As this phenomenon is natural, quite often meets and responds to fast treatment. However at children the turned yellow eyes or skin are more senior can become symptoms of infection with hepatitis.

Hepatitis at children – symptoms

To the newborn who is in maternity hospital surely put two vaccines: one of them against hepatitis B, and another – against tuberculosis (so-called BCZh). The similar attention to a virus is not accidental. At adults hepatitis proceeds with characteristics, and at small children the disease develops almost asymptomatically. Therefore at the age of 3 and 6 months to children carry out repeated vaccination. Hepatitis A inoculation to kids is put since three years and repeatedly done only in half a year. However not always the vaccine entered into the child's organism helps to avoid a disease.

Symptoms of hepatitis A (Botkin's diseases)

This infection can get to an organism together with food, from the person infected with a virus or through dirty hands. Hepatitis A is considered the most widespread type of an infection. The onset of the illness is shown by temperature increase and symptoms similar to flu (a fever, an ache in all body, weakness). Then digestive tract and a liver begins to hurt. Kids will have almost inaudible these symptoms. The child can complain of weight and pain in the right podreberye and to refuse food. Also there can be vomiting and a diarrhea. At night the skin itch can disturb the kid. In several days the coloring of urine in color of beer is possible, and the kcal, on the contrary, will be decoloured.

Symptoms of hepatitis B (serumal hepatitis)

This virus is more dangerous, than hepatitis A. It can be transmitted with ease through mother's milk, saliva, blood and even tears. To define symptoms of hepatitis B at kids quite difficult. At the same time it is worth paying attention to the following indicators and complaints: nasal bleeding and bleeding of gums; temperature increase; rash on skin; increase in a liver, damage of biliary tract and pancreas; pain in the right side of a stomach.

Symptoms of hepatitis C

This virus the most dangerous. It has properties to change constantly that gives it the chance to live in a human body many years. Its main symptoms at infection: lack of appetite, coloring of skin in yellow color, fatigue, weakness, darkening of urine and clarification a calla. At children this virus proceeds is poorly expressed or in general asymptomatically. Usually after ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity it is possible to make the exact diagnosis and to begin its treatment. Any form of a disease is treated by means of healthy nutrition and a bed rest. At improvement of a state the procedure of treatment can be added with bile-expelling medicines which improve exchange processes in cells of a liver. At hepatitis B it is possible to add also antiviral medicines.

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