Teenage friendship

Teenage friendship

Friendship – one of the most important and important feelings of the person, the importance of friendship is high and valuable. Among many people it is really heavy to find that person who is capable to share your world view, will understand you in hard time and will divide with you a grief and joy. At different age the friendship has the unique features and values, in particular it belongs also to teenage friendship.

Parents can consider with full confidence that they can be the best friends for the child, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that children need communication with age-mates. At such age the friendship is very valuable to children, at this age the teenage child begins to realize the needs for life and for the loved one.

Some teenagers give the preference to a large number of friends, and some have enough also of one-two. Over time they will understand that really true friends are not much.

What does teenage friendship differ from friendship of the nursery in?

Teenage friendship really differs from children's friendship, at least find in children's age of friends for a joint game, and at teenage age children look for a soulmate, the person with similar interests and views.

This fact can play further a big role in a rupture of friendly bonds, over time the interests of teenagers will change many times. As a result such friendship begins to suffer also from emergence in one of friends of "soulmate". There are a jealousy and offenses.

Some parents try to impose on the child opinions and stereotypes, created by them. It is one of the biggest mistakes in education of the child. At it complexes can begin to develop.

When the child is ten years old, he begins to experiment with a circle of contacts and as at it requirements were not up to the end created, this circle of contacts will constantly change.

 It is normal so you should not interfere. Let's the child find itself, even at such age at the teenager the affection for the person which he will be able perfectly to transfer also to mature age can sometimes develop.

But, if friendship for one reason or another becomes torn, to you as to parents, it is necessary to give to the child moral support, the rupture of friendship is for the child a big psychological trauma, and you as parents, have to talk to the child, understand the event and teach him to distinguish true friends from false.

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