Teenage period: whether it is terrible

Teenage period: whether it is terrible

I think, many are already hurt by ears from a talk on a subject the teenage period. From these stories clear that this period on a miscellaneous is perceived by parents of teenagers, but all have at them awful impressions.

If to understand this question, then to become clearly that there is nothing in it terrible. All of us lived this time and survived also healthy.

The teenage period passes, passed or will pass at all children at the age of 15 or 16 years. There are of course ways of fight against it: communication and replacement. Let's consider them in detail.

Remedy number one for explosive character of the teenager

Communication is the best way to reduce risk to suffer from explosive character of the teenager. Dear parents, even if you have many cases which need to be solved surely, then nevertheless you have to find time to talk to your child, to take an interest in his affairs in school, with friends. Communicate with it apropos and without cause. If you do not pay sufficient attention to the child in respect of communication, then he can get to the bad company where will communicate with it. And there will pay it attention anyway. But it cannot be allowed in any way, it will spoil life and to the child, and you.

Way of an alternative

Way of search of an alternative or replacement to what does not suit you. It is the best of all to explain on an example: to you the child began to carry away listening of music with offensive language or something in it a sort. It is natural not to be pleasant to you. You will want to forbid it to do to your child as soon as possible. Everything is correct, but it is impossible to forbid just like that. This action will spoil the relations between the child and you. To avoid it, the child should offer replacement just persistently: let also something else listen to alternative rock music, dance music instead of its "paranormal" music. Generally, replace addictions useful, something bad with something good.

The most important is a personal example

All of us know that the huge influence on consciousness of the teenager has a personal example of parents. So, if the father does not smoke, then the child has more chances not to begin to smoke. If the child repeatedly sees that you take alcohol, then he will want to make it too. Do not drink at all if you do not want to spoil life to the child. Here also the alternative method can be used: instead of alcoholic beverages offer the child juice. Still you have to explain to the child that alcohol it is harmful well and is tasteless, and juice it is useful and is sweet.

No to a telebox!

If you watch TV, then you the unfortunate person because you spend precious time for nonsense instead of going with the child to theater, in circus, to the park or to be engaged in something useful. Think what advantage of the TV. And now think what will be advantage that your child will know English.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team