Temperature at newborn children: norm and pathology

Temperature at newborn children: norm and pathology

One of human health indicators – body temperature. At newborn children the mechanism of thermal control is still imperfect. If the thermometer shows a little increased or lowered temperature, parents begin to worry. It is necessary to know what temperature for the newborn is norm it is vain not to panic.

A little increased value on the thermometer in the first days of life of the kid does not signal about problems with health. Temperature taken in the axillary hollow happens within 37-37.4 °C. It is normal for the first week of life. On the second week of figure about 36-37 °C fall. Stable temperature will be established in several months or is closer by a year. However, if on the thermometer often there is a figure above 37 °C, it is better to consult the pediatrician. Results of the measurements taken in various time of day, mom should write down in a notebook. It is so possible to calculate average value of temperature.

Ways and rules of measurement of temperature

Temperature can be taken not only in the axillary hollow. There is still a rectal and oral way. At a rectal way of measurement the indicators will be within 36.9-, 37.5 °C, and at oral – 36.6-37.3 °C. In the first 4-5 months of life it is recommended to take temperature in the rectal way, becomes later the child very active and will not allow to carry out such procedure normally.

For measurement of temperature special thermometers in the form of dummies exist by an oral method: they are absolutely safe for the kid. The mercury thermometer is used for measurements in the axillary hollow, electronic – a rectal way, in a groin. The child has to have the personal thermometer.

Body temperature fluctuates during the day. Raised it happens after feeding and crying. So it is better to take measurements in intervals between feedings when the kid is absolutely quiet. At night and in the morning indicators of temperature will be at the lowest level, and in the afternoon and in the evening – on the highest.

When to be necessary to worry

The increased body temperature of the kid can be symptom of an illness. Can cause such reaction: infectious diseases, overheating of an organism and inoculation. It is necessary to take measures for decrease in temperature in case the child already was two months old, there is no noticeable change of health, an extremity warm to the touch and the figure on the thermometer reached 38.5 °C. At appearance of spasms, an integument pobledneniya, a cold snap of hands and legs temperature needs to be forced down as soon as it reaches 37.5 °C. In the presence at the kid of diseases cardiovascular or the central nervous system it is worth reducing temperature at an indicator in 38 °C. For reduction of temperature use at first physical methods, and at their inefficiency – medicamentous. It is necessary to undress the child and to wipe skin with wet fabric. Application of vodka and solution of vinegar for children of so early age unacceptably. Grindings are shown only when extremities warm, and skin pink. It is necessary to apply febrifugal medicines carefully, strictly observing a dosage, having whenever possible consulted before it with the doctor.

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