Tests for definition of phonemic hearing at children

Tests for definition of phonemic hearing at children

During preparation for school and when training in elementary grades huge significance is attached to development of high level of literacy. Widespread problem of the child of 6-10 years: I write how I hear. In formation of the correct speech and competent letter it is important to pay due attention to development of phonemic hearing. Parents can determine the level of phonemic hearing at the child by simple tests and exercises and develop it in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - tags of blue and green color
  • - the subject pictures designating words with ringing and breath consonants


1. Suggest the child to play an informative quiz: "Cunning letters". Purpose: to determine the level of ability of the child to distinguish the words close on sound structure. Time allowed for each test should not exceed 7-10 minutes. For convenience seat the child at the table, and get up opposite (schooling to a role of the school student).

2. Test 1. Ability to distinguish sounds, similar in hearing. Put tags before the child. Instruction: "I will pronounce words, and you be attentive and lift a red tag only when you hear identical words: daughter point, hall fat, beam stick, roll roll, bear bowl, bowl bowl". You pronounce words by a usual voice, but it is accurate.

3. Test 2. Ability to distinguish ringing/breath consonants. Prepare or draw the pictures designating words with deafs/sonants (for example: ears, mustache, kidneys, barrels, etc.). Instruction: "I will show pictures and to call them, and you have to lift a blue tag if the concordant deaf in a word, and green – if ringing".

4. Test 3. Repetition. Instruction: "I will say a mere verbiage now, and you repeat them in accuracy as I said: the house – volume – a lump – a barrel – a kidney – a point - a hummock". To play three times, every time changing a word order.

5. Results: high level (phonemic hearing is not broken) – the child understands an objective, unmistakably distinguishes words, quickly reacts in case of repetition, the average level (weak correction is required) – the child makes insignificant mistakes, but corrects them independently, the low level (correction is required from the logopedist) – gross violation of phonemic hearing, more than 3 mistakes, the child does not distinguish similar sounds, does not notice own errors.

6. Correction "We Draw Sounds". Each sound is given the code symbol. For example, the ringing concordant is a slanting stick, the deaf concordant – the sign of a hyphen. Give to the child a pencil or the handle and suggest to encrypt the secret message: BPPShZhShShB (for example). It has to turn out:/---/-/

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team