Than magnesium is useful to the child

Than magnesium is useful to the child

Perhaps, each parent wants that his child was healthy. In the modern world a large amount of vitamins and mineral substances which help to keep to an organism natural health that is very important during active formation and development – aged up to 7 years is known.

Deficiency of magnesium

One of important components for maintenance of children's health is magnesium. It contains practically in all tissues of a human body and is necessary for a normal metabolism.

The lack of magnesium of an organism of the child can cause a children's depression. In a condition of a stress in an organism there is a big emission of adrenaline, in the course of it the reserve of magnesium is exhausted. It can result in deficiency of useful substance.

The deficiency can be followed by various frustration, such as toothache, problems with heart and warm rhythm (tachycardia), various spasms and spasms of extremities. These are primary signs with which the experienced doctor has to appoint biochemical blood test of the kid.

Useful element

Magnesium participates in increase in density of a bone tissue. And therefore to prevent development of osteoporosis in the child, it is necessary to begin additional intake of magnesium. However it does not mean that all children need to drink magnesium without exception, administration of drugs has to be only according to doctor's instructions. Small children are whimsical and not always go to bed in time put by it, often cry - it can be violation of work of nervous system and nervousness. Taking magnesium will help to cope with these problems too. The microcell promotes restoration of natural communications between neurons, gives strength to the kid to resist to everyday stressful situations. Also parents of school students should know that during study at the child the increased fatigue, a stress can be observed, the attention, drowsiness or on the contrary a sleep disorder quite often dissipates. During the examinations or passing of new complex material at school it is necessary to activate exchange processes and to warn a lack of useful substances of an organism. It is necessary to use products rich with magnesium, such as: - fish, - berries, especially blackcurrant, - chocolate, but chocolate is better not to be fond because at children the diathesis can develop.

Contraindication to intake of magnesium is the expressed disease of kidneys and pregnancy.

By means of the products enriched with magnesium it is heavy to fill standard daily rate therefore besides food elements it is possible to buy magniysoderzhashchy medicines in pharmacy. Both adults, and children have to consume magnesium. A daily dose about 5-10 mg on kilogram of mass of the person. The Magniysoderzhashchy medicines acquired in pharmacy are usually safe and do not cause accustoming, besides have a minimum of contraindications.

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