Than the daily routine is useful to the child

Than the daily routine is useful to the child

Do you remember how in the childhood on summer vacation many of you went to pioneer the camp where on all "change", extent almost whole month, made the accurate plan of life and actions? So it was established not casually, in the team of organizers experts with skill and pedagogics worked.

Using in education methods of the organization of life, in particular, the schedule of morning, day and evening lessons, thereby you form a stable picture of reality for the children and cultivate important qualities of character in children: organization, aiming at result, strong will and others.

The consecutive mode needs to be made taking into account age living conditions, but it is necessary to introduce it as much as possible at early age. When your child is already rather conscious to go and speak, it is possible to enter gradually elements of the organization in every day.

For example, in the conditions of early development, it is possible to fix strictly certain time for morning and evening washings, food. Most likely, the mode for such daily classes for parents was developed even earlier, but now your kid rather clever to be aware and begin to participate in responsible observance of the mode on an equal basis with you.

Not the first decade scientists conduct researches of a human body regarding activity of a brain and a body in any given time. And the most ancient treatises confirm results of scientific researches. From dawn to a sunset in an organism flashes or, on the contrary, fading of power opportunities are observed.

So, according to data of scientists, it is useful to wake up for an organism early since morning (whenever possible up to 6). It is noted by observations that early rise comes to children very easily. The breakfast is recommended to be accepted in an interval from 6:00 till 8:00. In the same time and approximately till ten in the morning memory of the person becomes more active. It is better to appoint the affairs demanding storing of information to this time. If you in detail study this question, for you will not make special work to compare this knowledge with a day regimen for your child and family in general.

Result of the fact that in family the child observes the agreed schedule is the fitness of an organism in general to certain actions and also activity of a brain becomes more structured. As a result the maturing person controls an expense of own energy and biological resources and is capable to restore them in much shorter terms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team