Than the orthodontic dummy is good

Than the orthodontic dummy is good

The inconvenient form of a pacifier can create the wrong bite at the kid. Therefore it is very important to approach the choice of pacifiers and dummies for the child with all responsibility and attention. From that how right will be such choice, health of the child and his correct development in many respects depends.

When it is necessary to use an orthodontic pacifier

The recommended means for prevention of the wrong bite at the baby is use of a special orthodontic pacifier with an anatomic form. Naturally, use of such pacifier should not replace breastfeeding which is the best means for formation of the correct bite. The fact is that in this plan the shape of a nipple of a breast of the nursing mother is ideal. The nature made its not only the most convenient for feeding, but also the children's jaw creating good conditions for healthy development.

But not all is able to adhere long time to breastfeeding. The reasons for that can be different - medical contraindications, own unwillingness, need to come urgently to work and so on. It is in that case very important to pick up competently a dummy and a pacifier for a small bottle. To avoid problems with formation of the correct bite, it is recommended to use orthodontic instead of a usual pacifier.

Advantages of orthodontic dummies and pacifiers

The orthodontic pacifier has the slanted anatomic form with a flat tip. Such device of a pacifier forces the kid to move periodically a jaw in the course of feeding, without swallowing at the same time air and evenly distributing pressure upon areas of the sky. As a result, the maxillofacial device of the baby develops most correctly. But at the same time mom has to watch that the slanted party of a pacifier in the course of artificial feeding looked down carefully. The same rules should be followed when using an orthodontic dummy.

What should be considered when choosing a dummy

Any dummy consists of a nagubnik - a protective disk on the one side of which there is a ring, and on the other hand the pacifier is located. Depending on concrete model of a dummy, the nagubnik can have the different forms and the sizes. Anyway, he has to adjoin densely in lips, without preventing free breath. In a protective disk there have to be ventilation openings preventing a skaplivaniye of saliva and providing timely air circulation. The size and length of a pacifier is selected for each child individually. Anyway, the pacifier or a dummy should not complicate breath or jump out of a mouth. The orthodontic dummy for formation of the correct bite has the nagubnik executed in the form of a heart which cut helps to define correctness of its situation in a mouth of the kid.

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