Than to cure cough and cold at the five-months kid

Than to cure cough and cold at the five-months kid

If the child had a cough and cold, it is necessary to carry out procedures which will allow to exclude development of a disease. It is necessary to struggle with an illness by national methods and to give to the kid medicines.

National ways

The warming procedures make effective impact on the children's weakened organism. Parte to the kid of a leg, apply mustard plasters, do compresses. Only all this can be carried out in case the child has no temperature. Thanks to such actions at the baby the blood circulation will improve owing to what inflammatory process in a nasopharynx and bronchial tubes will be removed.

For a compress use warm water. Moisten in it a gauze bandage, squeeze out a little, put on top of a thorax of the five-months kid, cover with a film and roll up a scarf. Do it five days before going to bed, and remove in the morning.

Constantly you give to drink to the child warm tea with milk. Add honey or herbs there. That bronchial tubes left as much as possible phlegm, let's the kid drink mineral water with milk. Also effectively the licorice root, leaves of raspberry and currant help to struggle with cough. To cure cold, several times a day the tot needs to heat near-nasal bosoms. Heat coarse salt in a frying pan, fill it in a sack and apply to a nose of the baby. If you do not want to use salt, can use egg. Thanks to such actions in a nose of the kid the inflammation will be removed, nasal breath will improve and it will begin to be allocated to slime less. If the child has no temperature, he is not capricious and feels rather normally, at least half an hour in day walk with it. Fresh air is useful to health. Of course, a lot of things depend on what weather costs outside the window. If cold, instead of walks at least once a day air the room.


To cure cough and cold at the five-months child, not to manage one traditional medicine. Here effective medicines will come to the rescue. If slime does not come out a nose, the means created on the basis of sodium chloride ("Otrivin perfectly will help baby", Salin) and also Aquamaris, Hyumer. If the nose at the five-months kid is strongly put, vasoconstrictive drops will come to the rescue here: Nazivin, Vibrotsil, Tizin. Attention: it is impossible to apply these means longer than 5-7 days! Do not forget about an aspirator thanks to which it is possible to get rid quickly and without serious consequences of slime in a nose. Some mummies are not able to use it and refuse use. For this purpose clamp one nostril of the kid, insert an aspirator tip into the second. Gradually wring out the first and pump out slime with another.


Remember that treatment has to be complex. At the same time use both national, and traditional medicine, both of them are effective. And surely consult with the doctor: only the pediatrician can make the correct diagnosis and to appoint treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team