Than to feed up the child from 7 months

Than to feed up the child from 7 months

From 6 months it is already necessary to enter a feeding up into the child's food. And from 7 months the child already has to get used to different food, including to dense and firm. Any new product should be entered from very small portion to monitor reaction of a children's organism. Here options of products and dishes which can be entered as a feeding up from 7 months.

1. Can potato, carrot, pumpkin, squash puree (baby food). Presence of rice and buckwheat cereal is allowed. And also - fruit puree and fruit children's juice.2. Vegetable puree. Cook potato and crush it in puree by means of the blender. Add carrots and parsley and crush once again in the blender.

3. Egg yolk. It should be added in the small portions to vegetable puree not more often than 2 times a week. Do not forget that egg - strong allergen therefore you watch closely a condition of the child.

4. Dairy krupyanye porridges (rice, buckwheat, oat and semolina grain). You cook all grain on milk with small addition of sugar. If the child has an allergy to milk, then it is necessary to cook porridges on water and before giving to the child, to add a little fruit puree. 5. Meat of a rabbit and veal. Boil meat until ready, crush in the blender and part with broth. Give as a separate dish or mix with vegetable puree. 6. Vegetable oil (olive or sunflower) and creamy. Add to puree in the small portions (no more than 1 teaspoon).7. Children's kefir and cottage cheese without fruit additives. It is desirable to take kefir and cottage cheese from dairy kitchen. If to heat children's kefir on a water bath, cottage cheese which let's taste to the child from above will gather.

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