Than walkers are harmful

Than walkers are harmful

When children only begin to become on legs, many parents get for them walkers. Such toy is pleasant to kids and it is more convenient to mothers – the child is engaged in business interesting to it and all the time under supervision. But someone considers that walkers – a thing unsafe and harmful.

According to pediatricians, fully developing child not having deviations in health just does not need walkers. It is more need of parents, than the kid. As for harm from use of walkers, rumors about it are strongly exaggerated.

For what parents get walkers to the child

Those parents who buy to the kid walkers on purpose quicker to teach him to go, are mistaken a little. Walkers in itself will not help here – in them the child will learn unless it is good to make a start from a floor. To go, at first it is necessary to learn to hold balance, and the ability to move legs is almost useless here.

No doubt, walkers are very convenient – not only for the child studying possibilities of the body but also for mom. While the kid cheerfully makes a start legs from a floor and rushes in walkers on all house, mothers can quietly do household chores or just have a rest. The child under supervision is also busy with interesting gymnastic exercises. But even the weight cannot be felt in such adaptation – it completely is the share of special shorts made of cloth which reach nearly to armpits of the kid, and on a frame. And to start walking, it is necessary to feel the weight and to be able to control position of a body in space.

What harm can be from use of walkers

Everything is good moderately. And walkers – long stay in them badly influences a weak backbone of the kid and can provoke even a curvature. If you resolved to get walkers, it is better to make it when the child enough gets stronger, that is after achievement of nine months by him. It is not necessary to put the kid in walkers more often than twice a day, and stay duration in them should not be more than half an hour. It is not necessary to force the kid to get up earlier, than he enough for this purpose will get stronger. The later there is vertical load of a children's backbone, the it is more than chances for the fact that at the child sheaves and muscles got stronger enough, and bipedalism in this case will not constitute danger any more. It is necessary to track that the child did not get used to move, making a start from a floor toes or edge of foot – when he learns to stand without the aid of walkers, it will create additional difficulties. The support has to be completely on all foot. If the child spends in walkers no more than an hour a day, it will not do harm. The main thing is not to abuse. It is also required to limit movement of the kid about the room, to track that he did not run up in walkers, did not fly on corners of furniture and would not fall out at especially dexterous bend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team