That expression ""double standards" means

That expression ""double standards" means

Double standards – the term which designates distinction of assessment of the similar or identical actions made by different people. Some judge others prejudicedly and allow the personal attitude towards individuals to influence the view of their acts.

Can suffer from biased assessment as the whole groups of people who are united by any sign, and certain individuals. Reasons of prejudiced judgment by one person of acts and words of others a little.


Double standards take place when the person considers two identical acts of the people made in different scenery. Because of various circumstances which could not force these individuals to act this way in any way, but not differently and also because of their personal features of their action look differently for the biased viewer.

For example, equally mean act is made by two persons – set up the colleague. Only one of them quarreled with it in front of collective before, and another made everything quietly. Actions of the first person will seem someone more honest: he showed the attitude at once. Others will consider that the second individual could make meanness inadvertently, no visible prerequisites for it existed. Also perception can depend on the one who on whose party is. The same mass event – some collision or the conflict, different people will describe in various ways.

If they are on different sides of barricades, their stories can differ in a root.


Assessment of actions or words depends also on personal sympathies of judging. Estimating can belong to acts of the friend or own actions more softly and more indulgently. The cowardice can be regarded as care, to call dependence innocent weakness, tendency to gossips – sociability. At the same time people around a time treat the enemies or strangers not so graciously. If to touch them in transport, so for certain specially, because of bad manners and aggression. And if the unfamiliar individual actually is not in good spirits, then it not because he had a bad day or there was a grief, and because of its full inadequacy. Depending on that, what do you think of the person, you can praise him or condemn for the same. You a lot of things forgive to some people, and others write down in the statuses of enemies at once. It is also double standards. Not to avoid them because the person cannot be unaffected and be to everything absolutely objective.

Happens that estimating subconsciously adds some more to one act of the person, made in the past that automatically increases his fault.


At last, the most rough and mass expression of double standards is a discrimination of the whole groups of the population. It can take place, for example, on national, racial, religious sign, on sexual orientation, a social status of people. What is made by the person for some reason some people is aggravated with what color at him skin as whom it works and how many for it money. Such double standards will disappear only when all people recognize the right of others for own choice and also do not judge others on their appearance.

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