That forces the bride to run from a wedding

That forces the bride to run from a wedding

It is considered that most often the woman strives for the conclusion more and has to be absolutely happy when long-awaited day, at last, came. But happens and vice versa - the bride not just worries, but also runs from own wedding. It appears, it happens not only in the movie "The Run-away Bride".

Prewedding stress

The banal stress can be the reason that the bride loving the groom ran away from under a wreath. As a rule, preparation for a wedding takes away many forces and sincere resources. The impressionable bride can be because of all this under too big psychological pressure, especially if she was engaged in preparation more, than the groom. She gave all the best on full, but before the ceremony when everything is already ready and it is possible to relax, all collected tension escapes outside and to the bride becomes not prior to Mendelssohn's march. And different annoying trifles and doubts emerging in mind can aggravate a situation even more.

Heavy and stressful preparation for a wedding can cause in the bride of a thought of that, as married life will be hard. And becomes her only momentary desire to dump this burden of responsibility, while the getting is good.

Revaluation of a situation

Sudden understanding which happened at the bride can be other cause. It can understand that it was solved on a marriage under pressure of relatives or stereotypes, for fear of loneliness, and actually it has no love for this man. And as she does not want to lose chance to meet the love and does not want to live years with the one who is indifferent, it can cancel a wedding. Or the girl actually loves another. Also the bride can refuse a marriage if she knows that the groom obviously loves her less or marries her by calculation at all. Also the girl can understand that she just is not ready to marriage yet, especially if she is absolutely young. Marriage - the serious decision demanding responsibility and change of a way of life. In this case the girl can decide to live still some time independently and independently life and to wait until her desire begins to marry real and conscious.

Fears and precaution

In addition, the woman, as well as the man, can be afraid of the household party of family life that the romanticism and feelings will be gone in a routine, and further - a divorce or boring joint life. The negative example of own parents or friends can add fuel to the fire and draw unpleasant pictures in imagination. And not to get divorced, simplest not to marry. Sometimes happens that right after acquaintance the strong emotions overflow lovers and they, almost without having recognized each other, decide to go to the REGISTRY OFFICE. However before a wedding care and trezvomysly can get the best at the girl and she will understand that else too early to fasten the union officially, and it is better to know each other well. Quite often newlyweds, having received the press in the passport, prove to be absolutely on the other hand and understand that they fell in love not with the person, in the idea of it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team