That it is more preferable: bag, satchel, portfolio

That it is more preferable: bag, satchel, portfolio

Parents, whose children with pleasure graduated from kindergarten, with disappointment and some confusion think of purchases to school. Also the main attribute of school life – a bag for the first grader is among these purchases. From big variety sometimes it is difficult to make a choice that the bag was convenient for the child and useful to his health.

Bag – a portfolio, a satchel or a backpack?

The portfolio known to all parents from Soviet period, has very few advantages before other types of bags. The portfolio, or a usual school bag, usually has one handle or one strap. It can be carried in hands or on a shoulder. It is also essential minus of portfolios. If to remember how many textbooks and other educational accessories the child needs to drag, refusal of purchase of a portfolio arises itself. Dragging of a heavy bag in one hand forces the school student to bend in one party that negatively affects a weak backbone. Already literally in a year the scoliosis can easily develop. For this reason orthopedic surgeons do not recommend a portfolio as a school bag for children of elementary grades. Though it is possible to offer a portfolio for the senior school students.

The satchel is a bag with a rigid framework and two straps. Its straight line, a rigid back densely adjoins the school student's back, thereby protecting a backbone from scoliosis. Because of a dense framework bag contents conveniently keep within inside, distributing the weight evenly. Textbooks and notebooks are always protected from a rain or blows. But it is worth noticing that the weight of the satchel can vary from 1 and up to 2 kg, and it is big load of children's shoulders. The satchel needs to be carried correctly: track that it did not fall below a waist of the child and a strap were on shoulders, otherwise the orthopedic effect is lost.

The backpack differs from a satchel in lack of the rigid case. It is a simple, soft bag which has two straps, a set of pockets and compartments for trifles. It easy and quite convenient. Among a good selection it is possible to find backpacks with a firm back. It unloads on a backbone of the school student and reduces risk of development of scoliosis. Backpacks most often get to already adult children.

Shortly how to choose a school first grader accessory

What you chose to the child, track that it was most convenient and easy for him. Get a school bag in specialized shop where there is a certificate of quality of products. Do not save on health of the children. Surely choose a schoolbag together with the child. Try on it on it, adjust belts, add in the book. So you will notice all pluses and minuses of the chosen model at once. Choose that bag which is made of waterproof fabric. Such thing will be easy to be cleaned from dirt or to wash. The weight of an empty satchel should not be more than 800 gr. Norm of weight of a full bag for the first grader – 1.5 kg. The backpack back for the first grader is obliged to be rigid, with a special orthopedic insert. A dense back and a rigid bottom will help to distribute the weight of textbooks on all bag that will facilitate its carrying. The lining of a back can be mesh for the best passability of air. Straps of a satchel or a backpack have to be wide, soft. They have to be regulated easily on length that it was convenient to child to carry a bag at any age and on different clothes. Handles on a portfolio should not be rough and with keen edges. Choose a bag with smooth, nonskid handles. Reflective elements will be useful details on a schoolbag. They will save the child in night-time on roads. And the most important that the bag was pleasant to the child. Then he with pleasure will go to the first class.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team