That the child studied well: councils

That the child studied well: councils

All of us want our children well to study at school, but sometimes at all efforts of it made by us does not occur. In what here business?

It is worth to remember that upon transition of the child from kindergarten in school not to avoid the adaptation period. The period of time of such period can be various, depending on specific features of the child. It is impossible to demand from the first school days of unprecedented progress. The child still, so to speak, looks round on the parties, gets used to a new situation, to children's collective, meets the first teacher. 

If in an occupation garden after all are under construction generally in playful way, then at school the heavy responsibility and independence is already required. It is not necessary to abuse the child if something is impossible to him, thereby it is possible to beat off desire and aspiration to study at all, in this question nothing has to be under pressure. The first grader, of course, has to aspire to that everything turned out, but absolutely without nervousness, remarks: "Mom will kill me if at me it does not turn out!" — should not be. To impart to anything to the child disgust for study, it is impossible to intimidate him, thereby you will not achieve any progress. 

Show genuine interest in educational process of your kid, find free time, you sit at lessons together with it, enjoy its small victories, not too abuse for failures. A lot of things in training depend on how there will be relations at the child with the teacher and children in a class. You teach the child to respect for the teacher, but do not empasize his implicit authority. The child has to have the opinion anyway.

It is impossible to discuss the teacher of the house, at the child even if you are dissatisfied with something, be sure that all this will be brought in a class, and your negative to the teacher will be adopted by the child and other children. At emergence of misunderstanding it is better to go to the principal at once, than to stay at home and wash up bones objectionable to you to the teacher.

You teach the child not to laugh at mistakes of schoolmates, to enjoy their progress and always to come to the rescue. Make a conversation on the subject "friendship", explain what have to be true friends as it is possible to behave and as — no. Teach the child of sincerity both before you, and before other people, tell that he can always approach you with any problem, you will always listen to him and will help with its decision. 

Do homework in the afternoon, you should not postpone it for late evening. If the beginning of classes from 8–9 o'clock in the morning then to sleep it is necessary to keep within not later than 9 o'clock in the evening not to doze at lessons. Organize to the child a convenient workplace for doing homework, from the first days accustom him to accuracy and an order, do not tidy up for it and collect a portfolio. It is not yours, and its direct duty.

Explain that study at school — business serious, but do not intimidate the child by phrases: "You will badly study — you will go to work as the janitor!", they will bring nothing positive. Your sincere interest and readiness to help — the main criterion of success. What seeds — such and shoots, the ancient wisdom relevant to this day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team