That the most important in education of children

That the most important in education of children

How to grow up the healthy, clever and happy person? How to inform him of the core human values? What is the main thing in education of the child? These questions always concerned and will concern parents. Some rules and techniques remained from antiquity, and how many they arose for the last century — not to count.

Actually, here everything is simple. To make the child happy, it is not necessary to go deep into numerous treatises. It is simple to raise children it is necessary not a carrot and stick as consider many. It is necessary to bring up love, respect and own example. Only in this case it is possible to grow up the healthiest, happy and self-sufficient personality.

The first serious error of most of parents is that they do not separate the child's acts from his personality. Made something good — you remarkable, did not really right thing — also you mean so-so. It turns out that the child ceases to feel favourite, necessary and native it is constant. It kind of darling occasionally., It seems, parents want to inform of the truth the child, but the return turns out.

At children in such situation the perception of the good and evil changes. The child tries only for a praise, and is afraid to make something not so that not to be bad. The child needs to be accepted! To accept any. He has to feel that he is necessary that it is loved not for something. It is loved for the fact that it is: it is expensive, it is important, it is the best and native. This major condition of growth and development of the child. It helps to feel is sure, develops self-respect and allows to estimate the events correctly. And it is necessary to discuss not children, and their acts. Otherwise, the fragile children's mentality will not cope with emotions, and deviations in behavior will begin. Then it can pour out in complex, uncertainty and nervousness.

The second miss of parents is a disrespect. From the earliest age the child is a personality. With the opinion, the judgment and the requirements. Sometimes, it is difficult to some parents to understand it. They read out themselves from height of the years and the acquired experience in the right to decide destiny of the child. Everything begins quite harmlessly — with the choice of clothes, toys and food. It is clear, that at some stage of growth of the child it is normal. But when the child matures, and such system proceeds, it is necessary to pay attention to it. Often parents do not even hear that their child wants. "How he can know that for it it is better? I lived in this world more, is more visible to me." Nobody argues. Life experience - it is invaluable. And it is not necessary to follow the child's whims blindly. Simply, having sent him to the correct course, it is necessary to give it freedom of choice. The respect, adoption of opinion of the child also begins with it. The ability in time to make the decision and to make the choice also begins with it.

Excessive guardianship and disposal of difficulties are inadmissible in the course of education too. Excessive care is always justified by parents, all wish well to the children only, only health, only progress. The problem is that to anything the unadapted person will never be neither healthy, nor successful. In further life it will halloo helplessness and laziness. The person who got used that from all problems he was always saved will never be able fully to live, work and build the relations with people around. A task of parents to make the child independent. It is also a key to success in the future. And in the present too. Here the main thing not to lurch from one extreme to the other. Everything has to can do. The child, at each age, can make something. And so, it is not necessary to deprive of it such opportunity.

It is possible to speak and argue on the correct education infinitely long. Now there is a lot of developments on this subject. But it is important to remember one — the child does not need to be trained. Any action generates reciprocal. Therefore children need to be loved, to spend the time with them and to communicate. Also it would be absolutely remarkable to support the words with a bright example.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team