The baby in home beauty shop

The baby in home beauty shop

Has no value at all – the boy or the girl at you! You have to take care of beauty of yours of "a small treasure" literally from the first days of its birth. We suggest you to take our advice which will be prompted as after all it is correct to look after babies


It is so pleasant to us to iron velvet, gentle skin of the baby. But it is necessary to remember that it at the baby very sensitive and has practically no protection. That it began to perform the function at full capacity, three years will be required! All this time it is necessary to care very diligently for a condition of skin, using the cosmetics which are specially developed for babies. Before their purchase it is necessary to read the label attentively. Some means are allowed to be used right after the birth, and the others – only after a year. If the baby it is inclined to an allergy, then before use of new cream, it is better to make the simple test. For this purpose apply a little cream for the child's ear (or on the handle) and in a day examine this place: if there was a rash and reddening, do not use this means! Gentle skin of the kid demands everyday washing. In order that splashing in a bath it was the pleasant procedure, it has to be indoors comfortable (optimum temperature + 24 degrees). Also it is necessary to take care that water was not too cold or hot. It is good if water temperature + 37 degrees (it is possible to check it by means of the water thermometer). In a bath there has to be such amount of water that it only reached a half of a tummy of the kid. It is possible to add infusion of a train (camomile) or a droplet of special oil for bathing. After completion of the procedure of bathing grease the baby's body with the moistening means suitable it. Rub it in skin, at the same time gently massing.

Pedicure, manicure

The baby needs to cut a marigold at least once a week. Such "operation" should be performed not for long, it is desirable after evening bathing (then a marigold becomes soft) and when the kid falls asleep. It is possible to use only the scissors, safe, special for babies, having the rounded-off ends! Other family members cannot use them at all. Wipe before the procedure the surface of nails the cotton wool moistened in alcohol. You hold foot (or a palm) rather strong – in case the baby suddenly will wake up. Cut off not really shortly and exactly. Do not cut off corners – that nails did not grow! Move apart accurately fingers of the baby so that it was convenient to maneuver scissors.

Such procedures, and especially bathing – an ideal opportunity for establishment of emotional connection with parents! It is easy to turn the most ordinary procedures into amusing games which very much are pleasant to babies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team