The causes of gripes at newborns

The causes of gripes at newborns

Not less than 70% of newborns suffer from this misfortune. This problem one of the biggest which young parents after the birth of the kid face.

Doctors cannot state with an accuracy the reason for gripes at babies. Someone considers to all fault imperfection of nervous system. Others connect gripes with swallowing air during feeding. And the third believe that to all fault food of mother who nurses. 

It is noticed that gripes boys have more often, and often gripes develop mainly in the evenings. 

Mom's diet when breastfeeding

If your kid inconsolably cries and nothing helps, then first of all pay attention to what mom eats. Having analyzed the diet for the last day, mom can reveal a product which causes gripes. 

Also it is necessary to exclude chocolate, mushrooms, canned food, sausages, smoked products, apples, black bread, fresh white loaf, grapes, onions, bananas, milk, coffee, tomatoes, cucumbers from a diet, bean and sauerkraut. Adhere to the principles of separate food, but not radical, but more moderate form.

Air in a stomach

The air congestion in a stomach also is a common cause of gripes. The child is tormented by pains, the stomach becomes firm and blown up.

You watch that during sucking air did not get into a stomach of the kid. Also it is necessary to give to the child the chance to belch air not only after feeding when the stomach is already filled with milk, but also in time. 


The Sosatelny reflex at newborns is developed very strongly, kids can constantly demand something to suck. Now feeding on demand is widespread and mothers can confuse desire to eat with continuous need of sucking. From there is an overeating which can also be the reason of gripes.

Remember that new portions of milk will only strengthen belly-aches. Do not give to the child a breast for calm. In this case the pacifier can become a solution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team