The child badly eats. Why the appetite at the child goes down

The child badly eats. Why the appetite at the child goes down

Each mom always worries for health of the child and when the child badly eats, at her it is alarming, and sometimes and panic. Each child is individual by the nature therefore the child rejects both arrangements and threats to eat.

Why the child does not eat

Whether you noticed that the child badly eats in hot season. It is natural process, the organism on digestion of food needs water, and it and so in an organism is not enough in the summer.

After a year the appetite because the child develops already not so promptly as it was early can also decrease. And therefore the need of an organism for "construction material" sharply decreases, from here and there is a loss of appetite.

Hypodynamic children spend energy less therefore  it is not required to fill it with it practically and to them there is enough a little food.

At a teething it is possible to notice the lowered appetite at the child. His gums are very sensitive during this period and at  meal  burst and cause discomfort and pain.

As well as at adults, the child can have a stress and therefore it is not enough to eat. For example, when changing collective (visit of school or kindergarten).

If the child badly eats and at the same time he has other symptoms, for example dizziness, nausea, pallor of integuments, then it is necessary to see a doctor urgently. Perhaps, at the child the digestive tract disease develops. Cases when children refuse to eat at a SARS, flu, the milkwoman of an oral cavity or poisoning are frequent.

The lack of appetite can speak about such disease as nervous anorexia. This disease at which there is a total rejection of food. Rather often this disease develops at teenage girls who dream of an ideal body and are afraid to grow stout.

Therefore if the child badly eats, it is necessary to pay attention to the reason. The loss of appetite can speak as about physiological process in an organism, and pathological.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team