The child badly takes a breast

The child badly takes a breast

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To a great regret, the kid can badly take a breast, cry or worry at the same time or refuse a breast. The most important at the same time is to find out the reason of such behavior and to try to eliminate it


1. Difficulties can arise if mom has a breast too hard that is if milk separates hardly that does not allow the baby to exhaust it in the necessary quantity. To prevent such complexity, it is the best of all to decant milk before feeding, having made that the breast is softer. Besides, it is possible to try to make massage.

2. One more problem is irregular shape of nipples. They can sometimes be involved or flat that does not allow the kid to take a breast properly. Here it is necessary to be accustomed to sucking, to feed through a slip or to use the decanted milk.

3. The kid can refuse sucking of milk if it became distasteful. It happens because mom is onions, spices or garlic so it is necessary to avoid the use of such products which can cause allergies.

4. The smell proceeding from mom so it is the best of all for the feeding mothers to watch the hygiene carefully can push away the child.

5. The child badly takes a breast if he is sick.

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