The child burned a nettle - we calm naggers

The child burned a nettle - we calm naggers

Receiving burns, bruises and bruises – habitual situations for little fidgets. The child can find a source of danger not only in house conditions, but also on walk. One of the most common causes for crying is the contact with some plants, for example, with a nettle. It is possible to appease the naggers from such burn in several ways.

How to appease the naggers from a nettle in house conditions

If the child obstrekatsya by a nettle in the yard of the house, then it is possible to appease the naggers pretty fast. Necessary for this means is at each hostess in kitchen.

The most reliable tool in this case is gruel from identical proportions of baking soda and water. Solution it is necessary to process the struck place and to repeat the procedure after a while if the itch does not pass. Baking soda can be replaced with usual salt.

The burn from a nettle is not only unpleasant itch, but also the real stress for the child. Try to calm the kid and as soon as possible take necessary measures.

If you have any kind of clay, then this means can also be used for elimination of an itch from a nettle. Impose a piece of clay weight on the place of a burn and fix by means of bandage or a tape. Gradually unpleasant feelings will stop. It is possible to use even cosmetic clay which is used by women for masks and wrappings. Also wiping by a small amount of apple cider vinegar will help to appease the naggers. Just moisten a cotton pad in solution and slightly grease the burned area of skin. In several seconds the child will feel much better.

If near at hand there is nothing

The child can Obstrekatsya by a nettle far from the house. For example, if you have a rest outdoors or just walk in the park. It is possible to appease the naggers in such conditions very easily. Take a little earth from roots of a plant and slightly moisten it. Wipe with the turned-out mix an affected area and leave before full drying. After pain ceases, carefully wash away the earth usual water.

Water is not capable to appease the naggers from a nettle. Washings in this case are not effective at all. Besides, water can strengthen unpleasant feelings only.

Look round around. For fight with a nettle family the sorrel and a plantain are considered as good assistants as an itch. Leaves of these plants should be kneaded carefully that juice was emitted, and then to put to a burn. It is possible to rub or press slightly on an affected area of skin if an itch very strong or plentiful reddening appeared.

Means from a first-aid kit

If you have near at hand a first-aid kit, it will be much simpler to cope with an itch from a nettle to you. The naggers can be removed by means of Menovazin ointment, solution of boric acid and camphor mix. If your child obstrekatsya by a nettle, do not hurry to panic. The fact is that experts consider juice of this plant not only not hazardous to health, but useful. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to touch specially a nettle and to get burns. However if the kid got acquainted with this plant, just help it to cope with an itch and give moral support. If the burn from a nettle is followed by strong reddening of skin and on its surface there was a set of bubbles, then besides means for elimination of an itch, it is better to take any drugs from an allergy. If reddening does not take place within several hours, then it is better to see a doctor.

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